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“Heavyweight GGG” keeps 100 percent KO ratio with 60-second victory

The man dubbed the “Heavyweight GGG” by many fans in his home nation of Kazakhstan and worldwide kept his remarkable run in the top division going.

Facing mainly opponents with winning records, Ivan Dychko did similar against a seasoned Denis Bakhtov.

At 41, Bakhtov is nowhere near the powers he once was when claiming international honors with the World Boxing Council and being selected as a knock-over for Anthony Joshua. Still, Dychko can only defeat what’s in front of him.

Losing an Olympic semi-final to Joshua in controversial circumstances back in London 2012, Dychko still harbors a mission to face and defeat Joshua in the pro ranks.

The way he’s going, it will take something to stop him.

Bakhtov was dismissed in exactly one minute of their bout at the Baluan Sholak Sports Palace in Almaty as the 30-year-old ditched two years of inactivity due to the pandemic.

Now 10-0 all via knockout, Dychko is tipped to be challenging Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Andy Ruiz Jr., and Joshua at the helm in the coming years.

Losing twenty-four months won’t have helped his development. However, Dychko is well on track to be claiming a top fifteen world ranking by the end of next year.

Ivan Dychko Heavyweight Tyson Fury



At present, nobody has lasted longer than eight minutes inside the ropes with the bruising puncher. Dychko has high hopes of emulating Gennadiy Golovkin’s run forty-plus pounds north of middleweight.

Climbing another step up the ladder is just the beginning for Dychko, who cannot wait to fight again in the coming months.

“I’m glad to be back in the ring again. There are many beautiful fights and outstanding victories ahead,” said Dychko.

“Thanks to everyone who cares and supports us. Together we are strong,” he added.

Before winning yet again, Dychko spent time in the Tyson Fury camp alongside Jared Anderson and Efe Ajagba.

He left before the Covid outbreak that delayed Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III was reported.