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Home » Tommy Morrison fight continues, wife Trish reveals mediation is canceled

Tommy Morrison fight continues, wife Trish reveals mediation is canceled

Wife of the late Tommy Morrison, Trisha Morrison continues to fight on in the name of the former world heavyweight champion. It’s now been eight years since “The Duke” passed away.

World Boxing News offers an update on the latest from Trish at her request as she keeps pressing for accountability for the lost years of Tommy’s career.

Not to mention the damage that got done to Tommy’s reputation. A situation that was brushed aside twenty years after the Nevada State Athletic Commission denied him a license.

It came out recently via Nevada chief Bob Bennett that Tommy was never permanently banned from fighting in the state. Many years after the fact.

As Tommy is not here to defend himself, everything rests on Trish. She won’t give up and keeps pushing for justice in the case.

Below are updated posts from Trish on the latest round of legal battles.


My deadline to file my OPENING BRIEF in the 9th Circuit COURT. ‍I filed an extension with the Court, and they approved it.

With responding to the MEDIATION ORDER by July 19 #AND preparing a 10,000-word document #AND working a full-time job.. I just had to ask for an extension of time. They said yes.

My deadline to respond to the 9th Circuit COURT regarding the Court Ordered MEDIATION.

Well…if “Counsel” changes their mind, they need to contact the MEDIATOR. That is what I understand from the Order below..but again, I’m not a Counsel/Attorney.


Trish is challenging Quest Diagnostics about their lab reports back in the day. Here’s what Trish previously told WBN on why she’s fighting them.

“Those defendants are Quest Diagnostics, for issuing lab reports that are NOT a diagnosis of any disease, not even HIV. And using testing that does NOT detect the HIV VIRUS.

“John Hiatt, who was portrayed as a physician and pathologist but was false information. The Nevada Commission after they indefinitely suspended Tommy.

“A suspension secretly lifted in 2006. They then denied ever having suspended Tommy in 2016 in court records. They now deny in 2020 that a diagnosis of HIV was ever made.

“Also, Dr. Margaret Goodman, who is head of VADA in Vegas. She told the media in 2007 that John Hiatt was a renowned pathologist and physician. He reviewed Tommy’s 1996 results.

“Turns out, he never did that and was not a physician or pathologist. And Marc Ratner, the Executive Commissioner that indefinitely medically suspended Tommy in 1996.”

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