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EXCLUSIVE: VADA clears up Jean Pascal enrollment after PED statement

World Boxing News corresponded with the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency following the release of a statement from Jean Pascal this weekend.

Pascal, who was banned for six months and stripped of his secondary title for a clutch of positive tests under VADA, issued a long-awaited response to reports made public by Dan Rafael.

In it, whether lost in translation or not, the former light-heavyweight champion claimed to be “signed up for the same program the excellent Nonito Donaire” is at this time.

WBN contacted VADA, who then denied this was the case. They did, however, state that they would be willing to consider any intentions Pascal may have down the line.

“Mr. Pascal has not re-enrolled in VADA. I do believe he intends to enroll,” VADA’s Margaret Goodman exclusively told World Boxing News.

Asked specifically if Pascal had signed up to the program he claimed in his statement – Goodman added: “He is not at this time.

“If he intends to, he needs to file an application. But VADA would be happy to have any boxer apply to us for aggressive year-round testing.”

The rest of Pascal’s statement read: “I am so embarrassed by this situation. I let down my supporters, my family, and my team. I’m really sorry.

“I know people won’t believe what I have to say. This is okay because I understand that all that matters are my next actions and not all I might say.

“At the end of the day, I am responsible for everything I consume. I take the blame for everything that happened. It will never happen again.”

Jean Pascal statement

On whether he will now retire at the age of 38, Pascal assured fans he’d be “back on top shortly.”

He also added: ”I see myself with another champion’s belt around my waist next year. I can visualize it. I’m back in the gym getting ready.”

Jean Pascal

Stephanie Trapp


“My manager, Greg Leon, has been in constant communication with Dr. Margaret Goodman of VADA.”

Leon chose to respond to WBN via Twitter again. He commented that Pascal would be enrolled sooner rather than later.

“Down the line” means the testing will begin ASAP. However, we need to determine a start time to ensure there won’t be any leftover substances in his system.

“That’s what’s being worked on,” he concluded.

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