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Home » Adrien Broner posts hospital clip, warned not to release himself

Adrien Broner posts hospital clip, warned not to release himself

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Former world champion Adrien Broner posted another worrying video from the hospital on the back of an emotional shower clip as the fighter continues to get help.

Broner is on a 30-day cleanse and needs “bed rest” to recover from the damaging effects of alcohol. “The Problem” recently asked for prayers to aid his recovery.

Adrien Broner bed rest

“I’m trying to do this 30-day cleanse. So to all my people, please don’t ask me to have a drink cause I’m going to say YES!

“I can’t wait until I bounce back. This bed rest ain’t IT. As a matter of fact, it is “IT” some clown s—!”

Adding an update a couple of days later, Broner said he was now able to move around. “Walked for the first time today.

“Y’all, it’s bout to be slow for you no more liquor and the regular AB back

“I just want to thank everybody for the support. With y’all, I was able to keep my head held high and think positive.

“I will be all the way soon. I love all y’all,” he added.

Despite his best intentions, Broner continues to use his platforms to document some issues he obviously needs to address.

Alcohol can not only wreck your body but your mind too. However, Broner let loose with more media that did nothing but trouble his fans and followers.


Talking about “walking out of here like 2-Pac”, Broner was subsequently warned not to leave the safe confines of treatment.

“Adrien, if you leave the hospital without the doctor releasing you and something serious happens, the hospital will not be liable,” said a worried commenter named Ms. Reid.

“It will be you who cause your own mishap. You have asked for prayer knowingly. You are going against the doctor’s order. So what specifically you want us to pray for?

“So you feel necessary to leave the hospital, not knowing the liabilities that come with it. Are you serious about getting better, or you want to entertain us?”

What do you expect the outcome would be if you are going against the doctor’s order? Don’t be your own worst enemy.”

Consistently suffering from out-0f-the-ring struggles, Broner has used social media as a means to reach out. However, the simple fact it’s been many years makes most fear the worst for the multi-weight ruler down the line.

Hopefully, Adrien Broner continues to get the help he needs and can return to boxing in good shape one day.

His last fight was in February and marked his first win since 2017.