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Chris Eubank Jr. pours out emotions over brother Seb’s tragic death

World middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr. released his emotions this weekend following the tragic news that his brother Seb was found dead in Dubai.

Eubank, a two-time IBO champion, was devastated at the news his younger sibling had perished at the tender age of 29.

The 31-year-old, currently on course for another world title shot alongside boxing legend and trainer Roy Jones Jr, paid an emotional tribute to Seb.

Known as “The Alka Lion” and a fighter himself, Seb recently became a father for the first time to a one-month-old son.

His death sent shockwaves through the sport as father Chris Eubank released a statement confirming the news.

Shortly afterward, Eubank Jr. commented on losing a family member in such horrific circumstances.

“My brother Sebastian Eubank was a special man, a righteous man, who always put others before himself,” pointed out Eubank Jr.

A man of many talents, boxing, MMA, poetry, music, coaching, and cooking. The list goes on but the most important thing to him was helping others less fortunate than himself.”

He continued: “I haven’t cried since I was 12 years old. Yesterday I cried the whole day.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to watch your back like a big brother’s supposed to. Can’t believe you’re really gone man but you’ll always be in my heart, mind, and spirit

“Now your legacy will live on through your beautiful newborn son and I will treat him like my own. Watch over us until we meet again young lion.”


Concluding, Eubank sent a heartful message to all.

“To everyone out there reading this right now. Don’t take any of your loved ones for granted,” he said.

“See them, speak to them, check up on them as much as you possibly can. Because you just never know if that one time will be the last time. Love you, bro.”

Seb Eubank

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Chris Sr. had stated: “Never did I ever imagine I would write these words or experience the feeling I now have at the loss of my son.

“My family and I are devastated to hear of the death of Sebastian just days before what would have been his 30th birthday.”

WBN would like to offer our condolences to the entire Eubank family following the loss of Seb.

Sometimes a happening sends a lightning bolt of shock through the sport of boxing. Sadly, this was one of those times.

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