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Home » Floyd Mayweather CEO slams Oscar De La Hoya on Gervonta Davis PPV

Floyd Mayweather CEO slams Oscar De La Hoya on Gervonta Davis PPV

Floyd Mayweather CEO Leonard Ellerbe hit the roof over comments made by Oscar De La Hoya over the Gervonta Davis Pay Per View sales.

Ellerbe reacted to an interview given by the Golden Boy Promotions boss stating PPV sales of Davis versus Mario Barrios were below 100,000.

The reason for De La Hoya even discussing the total was down to a question of when Ryan Garcia could fight the three-weight title-holder.

De La Hoya opened a can of worms when he said: “I know for a fact that @Gervontaa fight – I think from my sources – did about maybe 50k PPV homes and 40k digitals.

“So, you combine that to about 90k Pay Per Views.

“So I don’t know if that fight is ready to be made, but when it is, which maybe can be the first quarter next year.”


Not one to take any speculation over his fighters’ selling power, Ellerbe came back with: “Everyone can see through this clown.

“Mayweather Promotions will pay Golden Boy one million dollars per buy for anything under 215 thousand buys. Golden Boy has to pay Mayweather Promotions one million dollars per buy, anything over 90 thousand buys.

“Are you in Oscar De La Hoya? – If not, shut the f up!”


As yet, De La Hoya did not respond to Ellerbe’s offer as fans wait for some assurance that the fight will ever happen.

At present, there are no indications that Davis vs. Garcia will get over the line despite both fighters knowingly stating their interest.

Davis seems ready to move up in weight even further, while Garcia has struggled with mental issues. He certainly won’t be ready for a fighter like “Tank” until those are resolved.

Gervonta Davis Ryan Garcia Floyd Mayweather

Esther Lin / Amanda Westcott

As a pound-for-pound star, Davis aims to go through the divisions picking up as many titles as possible. At the same time, Garcia will need to be handled with kid gloves for the foreseeable future.

Regarding those PPV sales, nothing will ever resolve this kind of dispute until networks willingly provide those numbers to fans to avoid guessing by several media members through “sources” who don’t know the truth.

We can hope for Davis vs. Garcia. But will it ever happen? – Probably not.