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Terrel Williams intensely abused six years from Prichard Colon tragedy

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Boxer Terrel Williams shockingly still receives daily abuse, most in an offensive manner, for the results of his fateful welterweight clash with Prichard Colon in 2015.

Six years from the tragedy that saw Colon injured for life due to rabbit punches in their fight, Williams continues to get relentless abuse via a Facebook page he’s yet to shut down.

Terrel Williams

Since 2013, Williams or someone acting on his behalf left it active despite unwittingly not using the page. Just one solitary post remains live.

But underneath that simple profile picture change lies a downright horrific torrent of verbal attacks, some of which are unrepeatable.

Whether Williams has visited the page or gets his notifications is unknown. However, it would be advisable that he doesn’t see the Facebook “interest” page if he knows what’s good for him.

Beginning just after the incident, which put Colon in a coma, ending with “Diggit” needing around-the-clock care, the abuse has kept coming right up until this month.

Just a smattering of the scolding, what we could print of it, is below. We want to offer some caution before reading on.

“F—ing human s—! I hope you pay with the blood of your family, who indeed are also s— like you!

“You’re an unworthy junk that does not deserve to wear boxing gloves.”

“I hope you rot in hell. You suck as a boxer for not knowing what sportsmanship means, and you suck as a person for wanting to kill a man. F— you!”

“After I saw the welterweight fight with Prichard Colon, I want to tell you, Terrel Williams, hitting the head of that poor man was not related to any sport such as boxing. You have issues. Please do us a favor and retire before you kill someone!”

“Dirty fighter, you should never be allowed in a boxing ring. Because of your dirty rabbit punches, there’s a true champion in a wheelchair. God’s justice will get served for a real boxing champ, Prichard Digget Colon!”

Terrel Williams welterweight abuse

Prichard Colon

“I don’t know how you could still be boxing after almost killing a boxer. You knew what you were doing that day, and you kept doing that.

“You and the ref are both guilty of almost killing Richard. He had 20 years old I’m sure he was a good guy.”

“You had the audacity of saying there were two victims in this fight! You’re a disgrace to the gloves, man.”

“You are a hateful monster, all the damage you did to Richard. You will pay and will not have peace in your life guilt, and with divine justice, you pay for it!” #

“We will never forget what you did to Prichard. Five years now!”

“Shady fighter. How is he not in jail?”

“How do you feel knowing you’ve ruined a dream and a life?”

“You are a disgrace to the world and an awful human being. But you should at least do something to repair all the damage and suffering you’ve caused to Prichard Colon and his family. You deserve to go to jail forever.”

Many other targeted slating came in Spanish but was just as vicious.


Initially, Williams took two years out of the ring as he struggled to cope with what happened. He’s since fought four times at welterweight but has been out again since September 2019.

Not likely to be forgiven by Colon’s fans anytime soon. There’s always that other side to every story.

For Colon, the struggle continues and is a daily battle for him and his family. Prichard was in contact with World Boxing News until the Williams fight, after which WBN offered help to his brother to raise money.

Although still severely damaged, Colon was recently honored by becoming a World Boxing Council Champion for life. A small token for making a remarkable comeback.

His dream was to wear the WBC green and gold strap proudly. Thanks to a kind gesture from President Mauricio Sulaiman, Colon will forever be known as a champion.

As for Williams, a dark cloud remains over him for the whole incident. It doesn’t seem likely to go away anytime soon due to the sheer nature of what went down.

The whole situation remains so raw in the eyes of so many people.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

WBN Editor Phil has over ten years of boxing news experience. Follow WBN on Facebook @officialworldboxingnews and Twitter @worldboxingnews.