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Deontay Wilder rematch challenge compared to facing Floyd Mayweather

Former Floyd Mayweather fighter and world champion Ishe Smith believes Deontay Wilder is heading into his rematch with Tyson Fury knowing his number may be up.

“The Bronze Bomber” petitioned for a contracted return with Fury despite the fact he was blasted out in seven painful rounds last year.

Fury dominated from start to finish, pummeling the WBC heavyweight champion into surrendering his title after a five-year reign.

Smith, who has been vocal on Fury vs. Wilder III, aired his views and compared it to sparring his old master Floyd Mayweather.

“No matter what I think or anyone thinks, a fighter’s mindset is he knows when he has a tough challenge to overcome,” said Smith.

“When I sparred Floyd Mayweather, I always knew his knowledge of the game was tough. I was going to have to do my best to play chess with a master chess player.

“When I worked with Shane, I knew his speed was so devastating that if I slipped up, I could be in trouble. When I worked with Vargas, I knew his body attack and pressure were relentless. I had to do my best to use my jab and box.

“These are guys I worked with multiple times.”

On Wilder’s second chance, Smith added: “I never had the chance to do a rematch in the pros but trust me, a fighter knows.

“Wilder knows he has his hands full deep down. He has a puncher’s chance in any fight he’s in, but unless Tyson Fury’s skills have deteriorated in eighteen months where he’s fallen off a cliff, or Wilder has greatly improved under the tutelage of Malik, I don’t see much changing.

“I’m speaking from a fighter’s point of view, and believe me. We know when we are in deep!”

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Wilder has to time his punch correctly, possibly once or twice, during however long the fight lasts. In that respect, not much has changed from the first or second bout.

Reports of the 35-year-old bulking up for the job could be a mere smokescreen due to Wilder putting weight on for the rematch and losing badly.

Coming in at his highest-ever weight, Wilder got taken advantage of due to his sluggishness. The consensus now is that Wilder should lose the ten pounds he added last time out.

Drafting in Malik Scott, a man he beat in seconds when they fought, has also been questioned. However, only Wilder will know when the first bell rings how deep he is against Fury.