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Mike Tyson insult sparked Tyson Fury return to ‘hand-pick’ Deontay Wilder

The real reason Tyson Fury wanted to fight Deontay Wilder in a heavyweight collision for the ages in 2018 is down to a throwaway comment made by the American.

As Fury sat back and contemplated getting his life in order and potentially making a comeback from a deep depression, something sparked in him from a video made of Wilder.

Speaking with popular American podcast host, stand-up comedian, and MMA commentator Joe Rogan before their initial match-up, Fury explained what that ignition was.

Going deep, Fury gave an incredible insight into what his life was like in the wake of his triumphant victory against Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

The lineal heavyweight world champion explained mental health issues and the road to recovery in what was an inspirational conversation with Rogan.

But it was the Wilder reasoning that stole the show.

Tyson told Rogan that he “hand-picked” Wilder as his opponent. He explained how Wilder was a catalyst and motivation for his incredible comeback to the sport.

“I see this video of Deontay Wilder saying ‘Tyson Fury is finally done,” Tyson explained on Rogan’s extremely popular podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ from his studio in LA.

“He did this video after seeing this photo of me being fat and said: ‘He’s finally finished, and even if I did fight him in his heyday, I’d have knocked him out.”


The ‘Gypsy King’ also found offense in Wilder’s choice of words towards a heavyweight great in Mike Tyson. The Deontay Wilder insult happened to be about the boxer that Fury was named after.

“Before that, he was talking about Mike Tyson and how he’d knock him out in one round,” Fury continued.

Mike Tyson Tyson Fury

Mikey Williams

“And I thought to myself: ‘That’s very disrespectful to talk about someone who is not even in your era and all that sort of stuff. So, I thought to myself: ‘If I ever do fight you, I’m going to give it to you for that reason.

“And then when I saw the other video of him saying I can’t come back, he gave me that much more motivation to return so that I can beat Deontay Wilder.”


Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder had been hurling abuse at each other dating back to before the Klitschko triumph. Fury made sure he took the opportunity to share why he was adamant he’d win the December clash.

“Deontay Wilder is a one-trick pony. I don’t need to do anything special to beat him. I need to be myself. Deontay Wilder is looking for that one right hand all night.”

As it turned out, that trick did work twice on the night. However, as we all know, Fury was able to recover somehow to grab a draw.

Rogan pointed out at the time: “It’s a good trick, though!” To which Fury responded: “It’s a very good trick, but we all know what happens when that trick doesn’t land… you’ve lost!”

Joe Rogan Tyson Fury

Airing an eery assessment on what was needed to beat him, Fury concluded: “You need more than one punch to beat me.

“You’re going to need to set it up with footwork, speed, feints, movement, and he doesn’t have any of that.”

“If I get hit by a swinging right hand, I deserve to get knocked out. It’s my fault. I want it to knock me out. I’d deserve knocking out!

“If I let Wilder swing one of those wild punches, swinging from the back of the hall, and it hits me and knocks me out.

“I’d say ‘Thank you very much for putting me out of my misery! God bless you, Wilder!’

“Because obviously, I can’t be the great fighter I think I am if I’m getting knocked out by swinging punches.”

He didn’t. He got up and now has to finish the job in the trilogy. Wilder will undoubtedly have other ideas.