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Hatton open to facing De La Hoya, Cotto, Mosley or Marquez in exhibition

Ricky Hatton has thrown his hat into the ring to face Oscar De La Hoya and others in the future after seeing many legends of the past returning to the ring.

The “Hitman,” who made an ill-fated comeback in 2012 when losing to Vyacheslav Senchecnko in Manchester, is seriously contemplating making another.

This time, Hatton says he has charity on his mind, rather than pocketing the large sums that some ex-champions like Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, and Roy Jones Jr. have of late.

In his Metro column, Hatton said: “I am all for these dream fights we keep hearing about. You’re not going to see your heroes get seriously hurt.

“It is a chance to see them showcase their skills one last time, and you can raise a bit of money for charity too, so I’m all for it.”


Hatton named four superstars as possible opponents on potential targets if he does lace up the gloves again.

He stated: “I’ll have a move about with Oscar De La Hoya if the opportunity comes!

Ricky Hatton

Paparazzi VIP / Boxxer

“Oscar was a hero to a lot of people in boxing, so it would be interesting even if it is only an exhibition.

“To share the ring with him and find out first-hand how good he was and maybe still is.

“It looks like he might be fighting former UFC fighter Vitor Belfort now, but there is any number of boxers who would want it if Oscar keeps talking about it.


“Miguel Cotto would be a good one. Shane Mosley still looks after himself. The list goes on, me and Cotto, me and De La Hoya, De La Hoya vs Juan Manuel Marquez maybe!

“There are so many more. And I think I speak for all fight fans when I say we’d love to see a couple of these.”

Hatton fought Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in conjunction with De La Hoya when cracking America at the back end of the noughties.

But due to De La Hoya’s current model of facing MMA fighters, at the moment, Hatton is unlikely to fit the bill for the Golden Boy promoter.

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