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Gennadiy Golovkin at #6 on all-time WBC 160 list, Canelo unlikely to rank

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Gennadiy Golovkin places highly on the World Boxing Council all-time list as a middleweight, but it looks increasingly unlikely that Canelo Alvarez will join him.

Due to the fact Canelo has moved up to 168 and is aiming to become undisputed at the limit fully, the Mexican superstar may not be given a ranking at the lower weight class.

When the WBC due put the pound for pound king on their lists, it’s far more feasible to say Canelo will go to the super-middleweight division he currently reigns over.


Golovkin gets the number six spot in his favorite division because of his fantastic run since 2010. Picking up the WBA “secondary” strap, “GGG” went on to claim the IBO version when that sanctioning body was still a significant organization with fans.

The Kazakh puncher then made it his mission to add more as he went on a campaign of terror. But it wasn’t until 2015 that the four-time WBN Fighter of the Year managed to add the IBF belt. The year previously, though, the WBA had boosted Golovkin to their “super” status in another confusing move.

For over a decade, all but one of Golovkin’s bouts has been for some title strap. This statistic is why the WBC rates the P4P so highly.

GGG 2017 AWARD 2

Legends Sugar Ray Leonard, Bernard Hopkins, Carlos Monzon, Marvin Hagler, and Nino Benvenuti remain above Golovkin.

That order is unlikely to alter in the future.

Regarding Canelo, his time will come when he makes history eight pounds north of middleweight.


1. Ray Leonard (US)
2. Bernard Hopkins (US)
3. Carlos Monzon (Argentina)
4. Marvin Hagler (US)
5. Nino Benvenuti (Italy)
6. Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan)
7. Emile Griffith (Virgin Islands)
8. Gerald McClellan (US)
9. Sergio Martinez (Argentina)
10. Rodrigo Valdez (Colombia)

WBC title World Boxing Council


Golovkin is one of 31 world champions that the WBC has recognized. Nine of them have regained the title.

They include:

Dick Tiger (Nigeria).

Emile Griffith (Virgin Islands)

Nino Benvenuti (Italy)

Carlos Monzon (Argentina)

Rodrigo Valdez (Colombia)

Julian Jackson (Virgin Islands)

Keith Holmes (US)

Sergio Martinez (Argentina)

Canelo Alvarez (Mexico).

WBC Statistics by Luis Medina.