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Home » Fears grow over “worse KO” due to Deontay Wilder muscle mass tactics

Fears grow over “worse KO” due to Deontay Wilder muscle mass tactics

Deontay Wilder is bulking up to give himself the best chance of avenging his only defeat to Tyson Fury in their second heavyweight rematch.

Working on a weight lifting regime to boost his muscle mass, Wilder is hoping to weigh considerably more than the 231 pounds he scaled in February 2020.

Despite the marker being the highest in his career and potentially being one reason Fury could hit him more regularly, Wilder is looking to put more beef on.

Knowing there’s only one way he can win, though, getting that elusive knockout could prove more challenging if “The Bronze Bomber” cannot move as well.

This alteration has seen odds squeezed on a Fury repeat as many believe those kinds of tactics – if implemented on the night, will fail miserably.

Wilder needs speed and movement to avoid Fury’s onslaughts and catch “The Gypsy King” with one of his haymakers when unawares or coming in to attack.

Adding extra poundage will only slow the American down and give Fury ample opportunity to pound on Wilder at will – as he did in their last fight.


Wilder hasn’t done much right in the build-up thus far if you add it all together. Criticism for his silence at the press conference has already been forthcoming.

New trainer Malik Scott attempted to explain why this happened to ESPN.

“He’s just not feeling it, man. What I could say is he’s in a very violent mood. He’s been like that in training camp. He shuts down. And honestly, I don’t mind it.

“I think this fight sells itself. I think him not saying nothing is selling itself. Boxing is quirky. Boxing is weird.”

Fury’s promoter Bob Arum wasn’t so sure.

“If the guy isn’t going to speak, I think he’s digging his own grave,” said the Hall of Famer.

Deontay Wilder train video


Videos posted on social media, coupled with outlandish claims about Fury cheating, seemingly add even more interference onto Wilder’s once-fearsome reputation.

Cranking up his input at any forthcoming events would be the order of the day for Wilder, instead of pushing the media away and selecting only a few outlets to air his views.

On the other hand, Fury couldn’t be more willing to engage in pre-fight warfare and holds all the aces as the lineal heavyweight tag goes on the line once again.

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