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Home » Viral knockout boxer picks opponent up from the airport before beating him

Viral knockout boxer picks opponent up from the airport before beating him

Internet sensation Ashley Sexton is returning to the sport after half a decade away to enhance his reputation further than a viral knockout video clip.

The punch that went around the world isn’t enough for Sexton. YouTube views of Sexton chinning Usman Ahmed top three million in total.

That win brought him the English flyweight title, and he went on to challenge for British and European honors before work commitments kept him out of the gym.

Now 33 years old, and after a break of more than five years, Sexton is back and was a points winner in Spain last weekend to improve to 17-2-2.


“That knockout elevated me,” said Sexton. “It opened a lot of doors.

“It’s probably one of the most-watched knockouts in the world. It went viral, and even now, Sky Sports still show it.

“Flyweights don’t usually score knockouts like that. But I’ve always been strong. I’m coming back to show there’s more to me than that knockout. 

“There were times when I thought I wouldn’t box again. But now I’m back, and I’m gearing up for a shot at the British title.”   

Uzzy Ahmed Ashley Sexton knockout

Sky Sports


Sexton returned on a show in Spain last weekend, a bizarre experience for the Cheshunt super-flyweight.

After winning a six-round win over Jose Aguilar (16-78-5), he said: “That’s the first time I’ve ever picked up my opponent from the airport, driven him to the hotel and then driven him to and from the fight!

“He didn’t have any wheels. It was surreal. On the day of the fight, he texted me, asked for more money, and got me to sort things out.

“Now I know what promoters go through, and it’s not a lot of fun!

“He had told us he would be 57 kgs and then told me when I picked him up he was 60kgs. It was a mess, but I had to get in the ring and get the win, and I did that.

“I knew there would be ring rust, but I got in there and won every round without getting buzzed.   

“I’m not going to get ahead of myself and start calling out the Edwards brothers (Sunny and Charlie).

“I’m just going to take it one fight at a time.”

The Sexton who drew with Shinny Bayaar for the British flyweight title and pushed Paul Butler hard over 10 rounds was a chirpy, confident character, and his self-belief hasn’t deserted him.

“The Board has made Quaise Khademi and Ijaz Ahmed for the (vacant) British (super-flyweight) title, and Ricky Little and Jack Hughes are fighting for the Southern Area title.

“I can’t see why I can’t fight all of them – may be on the same day !”