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Home » Oscar De La Hoya opponent reveals he was set to fight Evander Holyfield

Oscar De La Hoya opponent reveals he was set to fight Evander Holyfield

MMA star Vitor Belfort has revealed a startling fact regarding his fight against Oscar De La Hoya as he was initially supposed to fight Evander Holyfield.

Heavyweight legend Holyfield is lined up to fight Kevin McBride and is far heftier than Belfort, a more daunting prospect.

Discussing all things surrounding the alternative contest versus the Golden Boy promoter, which will go down this fall, Belfort recently appeared on SiriusXM’s At the Fights.

He spoke about his upcoming bout against the eleven-time world boxing champion. To listen to the interview in full, get the SXM app now.

Major talking points from the chat include:

The most crucial thing in a hectic time like this is to take care of your body and be mindful of what you’re taking into your body.

He always stays in the best possible shape at all times. You can’t blame anyone else but yourself on how you take care of your body.

He used to box in Brazil and was the guy who brought boxing to MMA. And he uses different forms of striking. Boxing itself is a type of martial arts.

He has been sparring with a professional boxer, Sullivan Barrera, twelve complete rounds a week. When they train, they train to help each other.

Oscar De La Hoya Vitor Belfort


They should believe Belfort will be at De La Hoya: the previous guys before him were not the quality of boxer the Vitor Belfort is.

Askren was a wrestler; Silva wasn’t a boxer. And none of the guys were in the shape that he is currently in today.

He doesn’t need to get ready as he’s already prepared to go. The odds are in his favor because he believes in the work he does.

Conor McGregor would not be as big as he is without Vitor Belfort.

Vitor Belfort vs. Evander Holyfield fight was supposed to happen before the switch to De La Hoya.

Triller is bringing the best boxers over to fight together, and the cross-over fights are the next-level type of fights.

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