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Home » Deontay Wilder “train” video misfires: Walks into pillar, breeds meme fest

Deontay Wilder “train” video misfires: Walks into pillar, breeds meme fest

Deontay Wilder posted a video aimed at intimidating Tyson Fury on Monday. Sadly, it was quickly seized on by the internet and translated into a meme fest.

“The Bronze Bomber” released a clip of himself weight training for the Fury trilogy taking place in just four weeks.

He told Fury: “You say you’re a semi-truck, but I’m a freight train. Better get your weight up,” in an apparent effort to display just how hard he’s working for July 24th.

Wilder’s post responded to Fury, stating that he was “an 18-wheeler” ready to “run over Deontay Wilder” when the pair meet again in the ring.

But once Fury’s side of the pond took hold of the video that included Wilder pumping his arms and making a train noise, the “Thomas the Tank” references came thick and fast.

In just a few hours, Wilder got inundated with responses from Fury fans using the opportunity to poke fun at the American puncher.

Some also referenced Wilder’s “needing a leg day, not an arm day” and that “lifting weights might help if he wears another suit to the ring” in a mocking of his last ring walk.

The final insult was that the former WBC heavyweight champion walked into a pillar once he’d finished his lift. This nudge certainly didn’t go unnoticed to eagle-eyed Fury supporters.

Wilder’s attempts to display just how much he’s putting into revenge didn’t go down well – on the whole – as he tries to put his career back on track.

A devastating seventh-round beatdown laid on by Fury halted one of the best heavyweight reigns in recent memory. The Olympic bronze medalist held the strap for over five years.

Now, the knockout artist faces a fight to win back his respect as a top three campaigner at 200 pounds plus. Another defeat, especially in the same ilk, is unthinkable.

Deontay Wilder



Holding that destructive equalizer in his fists, Wilder always has a chance against any man on the planet, though. It could only take one punch to change everything.

Should he manage to do it against Fury, the victory would be one of the greatest comebacks of the modern era. To come back from that kind of loss will take a massive amount of guts from Wilder.

Being the underdog doesn’t seem to faze him. But he has to stay away from Fury for long enough to keep his gameplan intact on the night.

Roll on July 24th when we witness how things go down.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.