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What is White Collar Boxing?

The sport of white-collar boxing is more popular now than it ever has been! But what exactly is it? In its simplest terms, it’s when two individuals with white-collar jobs, typically with no boxing experience, train to fight at special events. 

All About White Collar Boxing 

Today the sport is practiced all over the globe for audiences of all sizes. With the rise of YouTube boxing, this variation of boxing is thriving more than ever, even competing with mainstream professional boxing in terms of viewership! There’s never been a better time to get into it.

What is White Collar Boxing’s Place in the World?

While boxing has existed since the 17th century, the white collar variation is relatively new. Its origins root back to as recently as the late 1980s! It started with a single gym owner in New York hosting monthly events for his clients and has evolved over the years to a globally recognized sport! 



White collar boxing may be a relatively new addition to the sport, having just started a few decades ago, but several associations were quick to form. The IWCBA and WWCBA are two of the most prominent ones. The International White Collar Boxing Association (IWCBA) was founded in 2001 to regulate matches, primarily with the goal of ensuring the competitors’ safety. They provide an experienced doctor, anesthetist, and paramedic ringside at all times. The association also adopted weight divisions identical to those of the professional scene. 

The World White Collar Boxing Association (WWCBA) followed shortly behind. Founded in 2007 in London, England, it was created to regulate and promote the sport worldwide. This association keeps track of boxers’ regional, national, and global rankings. It also enables its competitors to fight for championship titles. 

These two groups have done a great deal of work regulating the sport and allowing thousands of people from every corner of the world to participate over the last decade. If you’re looking to dive deeper into this sport, those are two are a great place to start!


While there’s no ubiquitous rule-set required for something to be considered white collar boxing, so long as the individuals are white collar professionals, there are certainly rules that permeate throughout the vast majority of the sport. Typically, white collar matches consist of three two-minute rounds. In this way, it differs from amateur boxing, where three three-minute rounds and four two-minute rounds are typical for men and women, respectively.

IWCBA matches have traditionally been only winnable by knockout, with any other outcome resulting in a “no decision” draw. Conversely, the WWCBA rankings require a win-loss decision for every match.


YouTube Boxing 

If you’ve heard the term white collar boxing in recent years, there’s a good chance it’s because of YouTube. In the last half-decade, YouTubers have started a trend of challenging each other to boxing matches when engaged in drama, usually for a massive payout. Notable fights of this kind include Logan Paul vs. KSI, Jake Paul vs. Ben Asken, Austin Mcbroom vs. Bryce Hall, and several others, with more still being orchestrated.

Today the line between white collar and professional boxing has been blurred with controversial Youtuber Logan Paul getting in the ring with arguably the greatest boxer of all time Floyd Mayweather. The earnings on these fights were record-breaking, but the fighters weren’t the only ones to walk out with a massive payday. Spectators worldwide who bet on the event made staggering amounts as well! Of course, there are a ton of ways to win big, for example, by visiting

The Final Bell Rings

White collar boxing allows inexperienced white collar professionals to enter the ring and do battle (with appropriate rules for the combatants’ skill levels). It has a rich and storied history going all the way up to the modern-day, where it can sell out massive stadiums while entertaining millions of viewers around the world via the internet! There’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon, so go out and enjoy yourself some white collar boxing!