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Home » Julio Cesar Chavez tells son Jr: If you don’t want to prepare, then retire!

Julio Cesar Chavez tells son Jr: If you don’t want to prepare, then retire!

Julio Cesar Chavez had a harsh truth for his son Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. after the former WBC middleweight champion became the first high-profile boxer to lose against an MMA fighter.

Chavez Jr. was beaten on points by Anderson Silva last week, a humiliation beyond where the Mexican has gone before.

In recent years, the offspring of a legend got shut out by Canelo Alvarez with barely a whimper, defeated by the unheralded Mario Abel Cazares, quit against Daniel Jacobs, and now humbled by Silva.


It’s a shocking roll call for Chavez Jr. His father now believes enough is enough. Especially after son Omar also lost in a trilogy fight with Canelo Alvarez’s brother Ramon.

Speaking to Mexican media after his exhibition with Hector Camacho Jr., Chavez said bluntly: “I prefer that they retire as they are already champions.

“If they are not going to prepare thoroughly, what is the use?

“I am very disappointed in Julio and Omar because they did not take things seriously. Seeing my children fight the way they fought, I wouldn’t say I liked it. Do you understand me?”

Canelo Julio Cesar Chavez



Chavez held considerable praise for one person. Canelo, whom the Hall of Famer called out of the crowd during the final round to corner for him.

“Thank you, Canelo. Here is the best Mexican fighter today and possibly in history,” pointed out Chavez before telling the press he no longer wanted the two to get mentioned in the same breath as the best Mexican of all time.

“The comparisons are not good. Canelo has everything he has based on effort, perseverance, and discipline. With all the respect you deserve, you are a great fighter.”

Regarding Chavez Jr., hopefully, he sees sense and adheres to his father’s wishes. His career slide has gone on too long now and continues to head down a desperation road.

Despite the apparent flaws, Chavez still believed he did okay in the fight with Silva.

“I did good. I just had some problems breathing, plus my ribs were kind of hurt. The cut didn’t affect me at all. I thought it could have been a draw,” Jr. stated.