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Home » Deontay Wilder warned, “a key to victory made Tyson Fury unstoppable!”

Deontay Wilder warned, “a key to victory made Tyson Fury unstoppable!”

Former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder cannot defeat career rival Tyson Fury as the undefeated star is now an unstoppable force.

That’s the view of promoter Dmitriy Salita, who has witnessed first-hand the devastation Fury can now bring to the table.

Salita puts it all down to one key to victory – Sugarhill Steward – the nephew of the great Kronk legend Emanuel Steward.


Taking over from Ben Davison after a below-par performance against Otto Wallin, Steward is now the driving force behind an 18-wheel juggernaut.

Ex-world title-holder Salita believes Steward’s input is a game-changer for the heavyweight ranks.

“Sugar used to train me, so I know how good Sugar is. He’s particularly good for certain types of guys like Tyson. Having Sugar Hill in his corner is a massive positive for him because they share the same mindset and same style of boxing,” Salita told

“With Sugar Hill as his trainer, Tyson Fury is unstoppable. And he’s still learning and keeps getting better. Seeing him, speaking to him, seeing how he trains – he’s truly a man on a mission that believes he is one of the greatest fighters of all time, a man that believes this is his era.”

On how Fury’s profile has altered since he cracked the US market, Salita pointed out: “He’s the people’s champion, walking around the streets, people recognize him.


“He takes the time to take pictures, anyone who asks. He’s so open, and people love him because he’s approachable, easy-going, and connected to the fans.

Tyson Fury

Mikey Williams

“Tyson is driven by success in the ring, not by the purse, or by any ulterior motives. He’s driven by wanting to be the best athlete, which is very rare for fighters on that level to remain focused on the sport itself.

“When a fighter becomes a megastar and still knows the most important thing is the sport itself. That’s really very special, and I see that in Tyson Fury.

“At its core, he’s about fighting and being the best fighter he can be. He’s driven by success in the ring. That’s his number one motivation.

“When you have someone so talented and who has already reached the highest level and is still so driven, that’s very rare.”


On the outcome of their rematch, Salita concluded: “Before the last Deontay Wilder fight, I thought it would be a 50-50 fight. But I knew Sugar Hill would be the key to victory.


“It was really incredible domination, and it showed how well they are matched because of their shared mentality and the Kronk style of boxing.

“They really mesh, and I’m really happy for both that the relationship has come together.”