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Home » Heavyweight who got head stomped in the ring suffers broken nose

Heavyweight who got head stomped in the ring suffers broken nose

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Bolivian heavyweight champion Saul Farah suffered a broken nose when pummeled in the head by disqualified opponent Pedro Tabares.

However, it’s not known whether the punch or the kicks caused the damage.

Farah was dropped by a hard shot before Tabares laid into him with firstly fists and secondly kicks while he was down.

The incident happened as the pair traded blows in the sixth round of their bad-blooded battle. Farah was dropped and possibly on his way to defeat when Tabares went for him as he was down.

Tabares amazingly couldn’t stop himself from attacking the Bolivian heavyweight title-holder.

Aiming MMA-style punches, Tabares issued a stomp treble on Farah as mayhem ensued and a mass of people entered the ring.

Heavyweight Saul Farah

Farah, 38, is one of the most recognizable boxers from Bolivia, having fought over 100 times professionally.

Turning pro back in 2004, “El Fenix Asesino” has endured a chequered career of ups, downs, and 26 losses. He’s also been KO’d 18 times during that spell.

Saul Farah head stomp heavyweight


Every time Farah stepped up a level to seek an opportunity at the highest level, he lost despite being a long-reigning domestic champion. He did win a fringe WBC trinket, though.

Losing against Rafael Zumbano Love, Gonzalo Basile, Billy Wright, George Arias, Junlong Zhang, and Samir Nebo tells their own story.

All have never reached the lofty heights, and all defeated Farah, primarily by knockout. However, Farah remains a hero in his native country.

Regarding Tabares, he’s likely to face a lengthy ban from any combat sports in the future after what were shocking scenes.

Authorities will never show leniency for sickening kicks to the head during a boxing match. Certainly not part of the Queensberry Rules.

It’s since been reported that Tabares was making his professional boxing debut.

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