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Home » Shawn Porter reveals failed attempt to get Terence Crawford in the ring

Shawn Porter reveals failed attempt to get Terence Crawford in the ring

Former world champion Shawn Porter discussed everything regarding his career inside and outside the ring, including a possible fight with Terence Crawford.

Linked to a rematch with Keith Thurman, “Showtime” is open to facing both but says the Crawford attempts failed to materialize.

Below are the topics covered via Sirius XM. Fans can catch the full interview on the Sirius XM App.

  • His days consist of the family early, training during the day,
  • On weekends he tends to commit to watching fights to do the podcast
  • I love LeBron James’ brand more than an athlete because that’s how he feels who he is. He loves what he does outside the ring as much as inside the ring.
  • Looking forward to working with Jim Lampley.
  • When he heard Lopez had covid, he just stood still. The fight has been rescheduled, which is good because they have a good fighter on their hands with Kambosos.
  • He still thinks Lopez will come out on top, but Kambosos will give him a run for his money.
  • I wish boxing would take a second to schedule the fights better, so you don’t make fans have to pick which fight they will watch.
  • With the theory that the Lopez fight was rescheduled to get more eyes on this fight, it’s more likely Triller would feel that way than Lopez.
  • Lopez is looking real explosive. He saw him in training a few weeks ago.
  • Porter still thinks Lopez will win, thinks he is talented enough, skilled, and explosive enough to beat Kambosos, even though it’s hard to pick against Kambosos.
  • He tells a story of when they had a production meeting with Jim Lampley, and he is following Lampley’s lead with the commentating in the boxing world. And Lampley is a very humble hall of fame commentator.
  • He was looking to get back into the ring sometime in September, He originally was looking at July, but due to the conflicting dates and Olympic gates, he had to push it back.
  • On Juneteenth: celebrating holidays such as Juneteenth will be the new norm. It is exciting to grow with the holiday and watch it become a well celebrated national holiday.
  • I would love to see Keith Thurman in the ring next, and that what might be coming next. Many of the other big names are already tied up, so Keith may be the only guy available.
Terence Crawford Keith Thurman

Stacey M. Snyder / Stephanie Trapp


  • He has tried publically and tried one time personally to get Terence Crawford in the ring, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.
  • He thinks Oscar uses the fight against Vitor Belfort to get to the next part of his career.

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