Fulton Jr. predicts “easy KO” of Figueroa, “would wipe out” P4P star Inoue

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Amanda Westcott

Stephen Fulton Jr. is on a mission to display his talents, including taking on current pound-for-pound star and World Boxing Super Series winner Naoya Inoue.

Philly’s only current world champion Stephen Fulton Jr. made his way to the Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer recently to air his views.

The WBO super-bantamweight ruler outlined what we can expect in his unification fight with Brandon Figueroa. And also, why he should be rated as one of boxing’s best.

Fulton also talks about possible future fights and just how long he will stay at 122 pounds. Fulton Jr. says a unification fight with Brandon Figueroa will be an easy KO.

“He doesn’t use his range. He doesn’t use his height. So technically I’ll be the bigger fighter. I’ll be the taller fighter. I’ll be the rangier fighter. He doesn’t use it,” explained Fulton.

“He doesn’t know how to use those abilities that he has. But he only has one way to fight. – (Question) And you believe that fight will end in a knockout? Yes, for sure!”

Fulton Jr. says he should be rated pound for pound after the Figueroa fight.

“When I become victorious over Brandon, I believe I’ll be considered in the pound for pound. Not only that, I believe it will fight for the year candidate, and after that, I see I could be the fighter of the year!”

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Mikey Williams

Fulton Jr. on a possible fight with Naoya Inoue.

“I see me wiping him out clean! He’s too small for me. He’s too short. His reach isn’t there. I’m not going to sit there for those power shots all the time. He’s good, but he’s not better than me. I believe what happens to Nery will happen to him.”

Fulton Jr. says he’s staying at 122 until he becomes the undisputed champion.

“There’s never been an undisputed champion at 122. So I need to be the first to do that…and then move up and probably face (Emanuel)Navarrete for that WBO.”

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