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Deontay Wilder beefing up to close weight gap for Tyson Fury trilogy

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Heavyweight bruiser Deontay Wilder looked considerably more hench as he squared up to old advisory Tyson Fury ahead on the next phase of their saga.

“The Bronze Bomber” always had the height to match Fury at six-foot-seven, but it was the weight gap that was the most significant talking point.

After sixteen months out and with a new trainer in tow, Wilder seems to have found a happy medium – in that respect.

As the pair went nose-to-nose in a socially distanced manner at their press conference for over five minutes, it was apparent Wilder had beefed up considerably.

Discussing what would be evident on the night, Wilder promised his performance would be a lot better than his February 2020 showing after a rebuilding job.

“A lot of things are going to be different in this fight,” pointed out Wilder. “On July 24, the world is going to see.

“We’re going to reveal everything we’ve been working on [since the second fight]. “I’ve been happy and even happier in my time off.

“I’ve had time to spend with my family. Now I’m rejuvenated and ready to go.

“I’ve been training non-stop during the pandemic, and I’ve been building. All this time between fights is going to be good for me and bad for him. I’ve had nothing but time to progress.

“Whatever he does on July 24, we will have an answer for it. I’m training very hard, and my mind is very violent. I’m ready to go.

“Nothing has changed. It’s still one face, one name, one champion – Deontay Wilder.

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“I’m in the best shape of my life. July 24, I’m going to show the people why I’m still the baddest man on the planet.”

On Fury attempting to face fellow Briton Anthony Joshua instead of him, Wilder was unfazed.

“I didn’t feel any way about Fury trying to negotiate another fight. We knew we were in the right, and we knew they couldn’t run.

“Silence is golden,” he added.


After weighing 231 pounds for the rematch, Wilder may now choose to weigh upwards of 240 pounds for the trilogy.

Fury, who hopes to push towards 300 pounds to combat Wilder’s gains, believes he still has the mental upper hand.

“I’m excited to be once again fighting in Las Vegas, the home of The Gypsy King,” Fury said. “For the last 18 months, I’ve been living rent-free in Wilder’s head.

“He got smashed to pieces in our last fight, and for some reason, he wants it again. Let’s go. The Big Dosser is getting knocked spark out.”

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