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How boxing benefits your mental health

For years, people warned of the health dangers of boxing. Being hit in the head repeatedly is very dangerous. But that’s only really applicable for people competing in boxing matches.

What if you’re just practicing boxing or punching the bag? This amazing cardio workout can have some significant effects on your mental health. Here’s how boxing can benefit your mental health. 

You can switch off from the outside world 


For people suffering from mental health problems, it’s very difficult to be present at the moment. Boxing can help you switch off from the outside world and focus entirely on throwing punches. Unlike other forms of cardio (like running and cycling), boxing requires a high level of concentration, which makes it easier for the mind to switch off. Boxing is one of the best forms of cardio exercise because it provides both physical and mental stimulation

It’s an excellent form of stress relief 

It should come as no surprise that boxing is an excellent way to let out stress. If you’ve had a tough day at work or you’re having problems in your relationship, boxing can really help relieve your stress. There’s something primal about punching a bag that makes you feel calmer. It also stimulates endorphin production, which helps manage mood swings and stress.

You’re never alone

Unless you’re just hitting the bag, boxing requires a partner. You need someone to teach you the basics, someone to spar with, and someone to compete against. This makes it a great social activity, which has excellent benefits for your mental health. You will find that most boxing gyms have a great community feel. 


It can help you learn a lot about yourself

Boxing is a sport that teaches you a lot about yourself. You might find inner bravery that you didn’t know you had. You might find that you can push yourself much harder than you’d ever imagined. Learning how to box will teach you a lot about yourself. This can be important if you have low self-esteem. Plus, your training will be full of small victories that will improve your mood.  

It builds self-confidence

If you feel a bit silly the first time you hit a bag, don’t worry. Lots of people feel this way. It’s a natural reaction for people with low self-confidence. The trick is to keep coming back until you feel completely confident. During the process, you will notice your self-confidence start to grow. This will then spill over into other parts of your life. 

It can help you manage anger 

If you struggle with anger problems, boxing might be the best therapy for you. Sometimes, it’s important to release anger in a productive way instead of letting it out on your friends, family, and coworkers. Hitting the bags is the perfect stress ball. It’s almost impossible to feel mad after a half-hour session of hitting the bags. 

It will improve your physical health


This article is focused on the mental health benefits of boxing. However, it’s worth mentioning the obvious physical benefits of this cardio exercise. It will make you stronger, fitter, and altogether healthier. This will improve your mental health in multiple ways.