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5 Great Sports to Try Today

There are a great many sports in the world, any of which is a brilliant way to spend your time should you feel so inclined. However, because of the breadth and variety of sports available to engage in, almost nobody is fully equipped to determine which sport is their favorite and often people don’t even realize how many sports there truly are.

The true sports enthusiast should make it their mission to engage with every sport, however briefly, so that they might get to know exactly which sports they love and which they do not. This article aims to highlight a handful of great sports for you to try on your quest to try every sport at least once.

1. Ice Hockey

An interesting sport that many people have heard of, but few have been able to play is ice hockey. The sport is played on an ice rink and is in many ways similar to hockey. Players play in teams and have goals to protect, and they use sticks rather than their hands or feet. However, in ice hockey, a puck is used in place of a ball. A puck is essentially a disk made from vulcanized rubber and it interacts far better with the smooth surface of the ice than it would rough ground. Players wear more extreme padding and compete to send the puck into their opponents’ goal, past the goaltender.

2. Cricket

Cricket is an incredibly popular sport in certain circles. However, many people have still not played in properly regulated cricket matches. The sport consists of a competition between two teams, each attempting to score points (called runs) by batting while their opponent tries to hit their wickets with a ball and send them out. Each team takes a turn batting and fielding and once the second team has completed its turn batting, the game is considered over. Whichever team scored more runs before being bowled out is then crowned the winner. The sport is an excellent way to stay active and work as part of a team, but games can often take hours or even days to complete.

3. Boxing

Boxing is more of a solitary sport and is commonly one that commands a large viewership. Two boxers exchange blows until one is no longer able to continue the match. The matches can also be won if neither contestant is rendered unable to continue. In this case, the performance of the boxers is considered, and a winner announced. There is a large community around boxing and betting on the result of matches is a common practice.

4. Baseball

Similar to cricket, baseball is a game played in rounds with one team batting and the other team fielding. However, baseball rotates between teams batting and bowling more often than in cricket and uses a different, but similar, method to determine points.

5. American Football

Finally, American football is played using an oval ball similar to a rugby ball and revolves around a similar concept of two teams pushing against each other as they each attempt to score by reaching the opponents’ end of the playing field.