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Home » Controversial Shannon Courtenay tweets linger in “first defense” replies

Controversial Shannon Courtenay tweets linger in “first defense” replies

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Shannon Courtenay may be a world champion now, but her promoters – Matchroom, cannot shake off controversial tweets from before she rose to prominence.

Highly insensitive, shocking, and unrepeatable, the activity in question got allegedly posted when Courtenay was in her late teens and early 20s.

Like other sports stars today, especially cricketers of late, what you put out there before you become a public figure can roundly bite you on the backside.

Several examples are readily available in the Twittersphere with a quick search. They certainly don’t do a world champion boxer any favors whatsoever. Not good at all.

As Matchroom attempt to drum up support for Courtenay’s recently confirmed return against a yet-to-be-announced opponent, the majority of instant replies to their “first defense” post were negative.

To reverse the flow, it seems Courtenay may have to speak about what she tweeted back then. At one point, she did an online video interview briefly addressing them. But that four-minute video seems to have flown way under the radar.

Eddie Hearn faces a headache as now that Courtenay is becoming higher-profile and interest becomes more apparent, those statements may become worse and worse if unaddressed.

Something out in the mainstream media to cool the situation would be the order of the day. Something to help put an understanding to those angry responders on social media.


Even though coverage of Courtenay’s obvious mistakes failed to appear in any significant UK outlet, that doesn’t stop the many people opposed to the comments from making their presence felt. More so when their promoter or streaming service gives her a mention.

Judging by some other sports personnel whose past activity got scrutinized, this kind of thing doesn’t go away until fully confronted by those involved. And those who represent them.

Maybe something will be forthcoming before this summer’s Fight Camp event. The backyard bonanza sees Courtenay as one of the chief support bouts to Conor Benn vs. Adrian Granados.

But with social media exploding in the early 2010s, this may not be the last time a boxer gets caught out by past tweets. Especially those that don’t see them put forward in anywhere near their best light.

The views expressed in this article are that of Phil Jay.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.