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Home » P4P Queen Amanda Serrano scores 60-second KO in third MMA fight

P4P Queen Amanda Serrano scores 60-second KO in third MMA fight

Boxing star Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano fought in her third professional mixed-martial-arts event last night, needing only 60 seconds to submit her opponent in the iKON 7 main event, presented by iKON Fighting Federation, the MMA division of RJJ Boxing, at Benito Juarez Auditorium, Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico.

iKON 7 was streamed live and exclusively on UFC FIGHT PASS®, the world’s leading digital subscription service for combat sports. To sign up for UFC FIGHT PASS, please visit iKON promoter Keith Veltre, architect of the UFC FIGHT PASS deal for iKON and RJJ Boxing, continued to deliver entertaining fights during this pandemic.

The 32-year-old Serrano (2-0-1), fighting out of Brooklyn (NY), outclassed her Mexican opponent, pro-debuting Valentina Garcia (0-1-0), inn her iKON debut with her superior striking that led to her demonstrating her improving ground skills. Serrano locked in a relatively long guillotine choke until Garcia finally tapped out.

Judges weren’t really needed as the 8 action-packed fights totaled only 10 rounds, all ending by submission or knockout with no decisions.

Las Vegas fighter Jonny “The Paradox” Parsons (7-2-0) defeated Ricardo “Woody” Chavez (5-2-0) by second-round submission, fought at a 175-pound catchweight, via a head kick in the co-featured event.

Tucson (AZ) welterweight Pete “Dead Game” Rodriguez improved to 4-0-0), all fought in iKON competition, by stopping Roberto “Pixley 2B” Pixley (5-2-0) on punches in the opening round.

Washington featherweight Jorge “The Natural” Alcala (5-1-0) submitted Sergio “The Animal” Cortez (3-3-0) late in round one by way of a rear naked choke.

Miami by way of Egypt welterweight Mahmoud Sebie won his pro debut with a first-round knockout of Enrique Hernandez (0-1-0).

There were three other female fights on the card. Hong Kong-based featherweight Ramona Pascual (5-2-0, iKON) used a keylock armbar to submit pro-debuting Guadalupe Guzman (0-1-0) in round one, Tucson flyweight Rosselyn Chavira won her pro debut by first-round submission when she used a rear naked choke on Sofia Salacar (0-1-0), and Miami bantamweight Claudia Zamora (3-1-0) defeated pro-debuting Soto Hernandez (0-1-0) in the second round with a rear naked choke.