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Home » Floyd Mayweather exhibition: 46m fans, 1m PPV sales = no $100m check

Floyd Mayweather exhibition: 46m fans, 1m PPV sales = no $100m check

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Floyd Mayweather won’t be taking home another $100 million check after sales generated from his clash with a YouTuber turned out a low figure by his standards.

Initially touting breaking the Manny Pacquiao Pay Per View record of 4.6 million buys, Mayweather has undoubtedly had to deal with a lot less than that.

Before a first deal to broadcast on Fanmio, a press release stated those intentions. WBN picked up on this immediately after finding them highly surprising.

After moving the event to Showtime, talk of smashing the Pacquiao record subsided, but there were still genuine hopes of doing big numbers.

So much so that Mayweather took a Showtime guarantee of $10 million-plus 50% of the Pay Per View income. His opponent got far less.

In the end, Mayweather probably banked around $30 million. This mark fell way short of his usual nine-figure paycheck.

All-in-all, it seems the Mayweather event did somewhere just shy of a million after Showtime offered refunds to those forking out the fifty bucks.

If you consider their social media platforms, even just with Instagram, the pair share 46 million followers between them. That’s without YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

The fact that only 900 thousand and change wanted to watch them fight from a large subscription pool aimed at solely them sadly has to go down as a failure in the sales department.

Floyd Mayweather Fury Joshua


Once those numbers get crunched at Mayweather Promotions, they may well see the credit in doing at least another exhibition. Who wouldn’t want to make $30 million for hardly any work in the boxing ring?

Floyd didn’t even train for the fight, and he carried the vlogger until the final bell.

Punters who bet on Mayweather at 1/7, many of whom put huge stakes on, got left with egg on their faces as no winner was declared.

Those who lost vast sums will certainly not be willing to do similar if Floyd Mayweather does decide to take on the brother.

Hopefully, it won’t come to that, and the “Money” man will walk away having taken enough cash from his 25-year career.

As for the novice he fought, if he’s ever seen in a boxing ring again, it will be too soon. He was shambolic at the very least.

The views expressed in this article are that of Phil Jay.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.