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How Boxers Can Benefit from Delta-8-THC

It is no secret that products based on cannabis can be beneficial for pros in all sports. Since the WADA decided to remove hemp-derived CBD from the list of forbidden substances, more and more athletes have become vocal supporters of CBD-infused products. Boxers are, of course, no exception. 

Today, another active compound found in cannabis is taking the world by storm: delta-8-THC. Though everything about it is still hazy and we need a lot more research, it seems to be a rather promising natural supplement for athletes in general and boxers in particular. 

Read on to find out everything there is to know about delta-8-THC and how it can benefit professional boxers.

What Is Delta-8-THC?

Though delta-8-THC isn’t something entirely new, it is just now getting the attention and interest it deserves. As we have mentioned, it is another active compound found in cannabis, along with CBD and delta-9-THC (popularly known as just THC). 

Delta-8 is rather similar to delta-9, at least chemically speaking. The two differ only in the placement of a single chemical double bond. Though this might seem like a slight difference, it is anything but. The bond placement makes the effects of these two compounds entirely different. 

While delta-9 can get you high and have sedative effects, it can also cause anxiety, memory loss, and paranoia. Delta-8, on the other hand, is not as strong. It is known as “diet THC” because it can get you mildly high and curb the symptoms of anxiety without any adverse side effects.

The Effects of Delta-8

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Delta-8 can produce the same euphoric and relaxing effects as delta-9, albeit it is much less potent. As such, pioneers in the industry such as Area 52 are claiming that it can help you chill after a long day at work and forget about all your problems. It can also help you with your pain, whether it is chronic or due to an injury.

Delta-8 can also improve your appetite and help you establish a healthy meal schedule. It is also good for frequent nausea and upset stomach, as it influences your digestive system. 

Then, delta-8 can have specific properties beneficial to the brain. Namely, it seems to be a trigger for producing specific compounds that manage memory, cognition, arousal, etc. So, it can stimulate all of these processes and make you happier, more focused, and productive. 

Finally, delta-8 can also help improve your sleeping schedule. If you can’t fall asleep at night, taking a delta-8 product can help you relax enough to make it happen. It may also ensure you actually get enough rest while sleeping so that you can wake up refreshed and energized.

Boxing 2021

What Does Being a Boxer Entail?

Boxing is a rather brutal sport, and athletes have to be fit both physically and psychologically to make it big. 

The physical demands are pretty obvious. Boxing requires a lot of practice, sparring, cardio and stamina-building exercises, and weightlifting. These are everyday activities that every pro must partake in at least twice a day, which can be quite exhausting physically. 

Boxers also sustain a lot of injuries throughout their careers, professional or otherwise. The risk of injury is always there, and some of them are rather severe. 

Apart from the physical aspect, boxing is also mentally demanding. It is a direct contact sport that requires a kind of level-headedness and suppression of emotion that isn’t easy for everyone. If you combine that with the famous victory mentality all athletes are raised with, you get a sport that is draining and stressful on every level. 

How Can Deta-8 Help Boxers?

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The benefits of delta-8-THC can help boxers deal with every aspect of this sport. Below, we will dive into each one. 

Managing Pain

Delta-8 can help athletes deal with pain, no matter what its cause is. Since it interacts with the body’s pain receptors and blocks pain signals, it is the perfect natural remedy for both chronic pain and injuries. 

THC products derived from hemp can be ingested in different ways, which makes things even better. Boxers can apply topicals on any sprains or consume oils and tinctures for migraines, head injuries, and chronic pain.

Improving Sleep

The harsh and demanding training sessions boxers have every day require a good night’s rest. That is when their bodies get to recover and relax enough to be ready to repeat it all on the following day. 

Delta-8 can help these athletes sleep soundly and productively. That can, in turn, enable them to have enough energy and strength to practice more and better every day, bringing them even better results.

Improving Appetite

Delta-8 can also aid boxers in establishing a healthy meal schedule. They need to eat regularly and have specific diets, so delta-8 can make such a lifestyle much easier. Besides, it can help reduce nausea and ensure they actually feel hungry and keep the food down.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Finally, delta-8 can be quite beneficial for the psychological aspects of being a boxer, too. Namely, it can help alleviate the anxiety that comes with living as a pro and being under the spotlight. 

It can also aid boxers in handling stressful situations in and out of the ring by helping them keep a clear and level head at all times. They do not have to worry about any emotional outbursts or feeling overwhelmed, as delta-8 can make them relaxed easily. That way, they can focus on figuring out their game plan, which allows them to perform at their best.

To Conclude

As delta-8-THC steadily gains popularity, its benefits become more and more apparent. In the case of boxers, it can be helpful in a variety of aspects. From helping with pain and the symptoms of anxiety and stress to improving appetite and sleep, delta-8 has emerged as a perfect natural supplement. 

For now, we wait for more info and research into this compound and clearer laws and regulations. But no matter how long those take, one thing is for sure: delta-8 has great potential, and its popularity will only continue to grow.