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Home » Bob Arum goes kablooey on “screw up” Eddie Hearn for Fury-AJ collapse

Bob Arum goes kablooey on “screw up” Eddie Hearn for Fury-AJ collapse

Top Rank boss Bob Arum gave Eddie Hearn another tongue-lashing this week after taking over from his rival at Sky Sports in the UK.

Arum agreed on a four-year deal with the network following the departure of Hearn to DAZN. As a result, the wily veteran now has some control over the biggest platform in Hearn’s home country.

The possibilities for the Top Rank-Sky tenure are endless.

No sooner had WBN’s Dan Rafael reveal what the deal entails was Arum quoted in an interview laying all the blame on Hearn for the recent Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua collapse.

“Eddie has diarrhea of the mouth. He can’t stop talking, and he doesn’t think,” pointed out Arum.

“Eddie should shut up and stop blaming other people. He’d be well advised to shut his mouth and look in the mirror.”

Arum added why the event took six months to find a site and investor: “Eddie screwed everything up.

“The Saudis were happy to pay a tremendous site fee. Eddie got greedy, ‘Pay a bigger amount, take the TV.’”


Concluding, Arum said they could have avoided Deontay Wilder stepping in if they had a vast package to offer the American to wait his turn.

“It dragged on for weeks. I believe if it’d just been a site fee, we’d have announced, and the arbitrator would’ve given Wilder damages.”

Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury Anthony Joshua

Fury’s father John was on the side of keeping the Joshua fight at all costs when he spoke to BT Sport regarding the diversion to Wilder.

“He was fighting AJ. I wanted him to fight AJ. I’ve no interest in Deontay Wilder, so why has he got to fight Wilder?


“I told him on a phone conversation, ‘Chuck the belt in the bin. Let them have it. Come back and fight AJ on the 14th of August.

“But who am I? I’m nobody, unfortunately. A voice that only a certain amount of people hear.

“And because you don’t drive a Rolls Royce or live in a castle, it falls on deaf ears, doesn’t it?

“You can be an idiot and an imbecile and come out with a big setup, and they listen to you, don’t they? That’s, unfortunately, the case,” stated John.

There’s certainly no love lost between Hearn and Arum as they plow on with their new ventures on both sides of the Atlantic.