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Don’t be surprised to see NFL TE Rob Gronkowski boxing on Triller

NFL legend and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tight End Rob Gronkowski says he’s open to a future run in the boxing ring after winning the Super Bowl this year.

Gronkowski, who returned to the sport to link up with Quarterback Tom Brady following retirement from The Patriots, was covered in glory at February’s showpiece NFL event.

Winning his fourth ring against the Kansas City Chiefs at SuperBowl LV, Gronkowski is gearing up for another crack with Brady this coming season.

Already a regular on WWE shows and a former 24/7 champion, “The Gronk,” recently stated he’s open to trying his hand at boxing once his career is over.

He may only have one season left, meaning that could be as soon as 2022.

Speaking about the possibility with TMZ, Gronkowski has been posting about the sport regularly on social media as an avid fan.

“I feel like I would have interest in it [boxing] for sure. But when I’m done playing football,” stated Gronkowski. “Being in football is just so competitive, that can actually keep my competitive spirits going for sure.

Gronk boxing

“But I would have to have that urge, you know, to do it. That will to do it too because that’s serious. It’s not like you can do it overnight. That’s some serious training.

“That’s months and months and months of work. Months of training your brain, your body with all those counter-movements. All those different types of movements with your body.”

Concluding, the 32-year-old added: “I would definitely say it would spark interest. But, of course, I wouldn’t just shut that down right away when I’m done playing. You never know.”


The Bucs’ #87 got linked to fighting on streaming service Triller’s cards next year after dismissing the notion of a run in 2021.

Facing another celebrity sportsman remains a distinct possibility for the Wrestlemania star. The man who once helped ex-Football star Mojo Rawley win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Rawley, real name Dean Muhtadi, was an offseason practice squad member for the Green Bay Packers in 2009 and the Arizona Cardinals in 2010 before switching to pro wrestling.

Maybe Gronkowski will be ready to switch codes again. That’s if yet another Super Bowl Ring gets bagged come early next year.