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Home » Pacquiao vs Spence: WWE SummerSlam bid to ease fears over date clash

Pacquiao vs Spence: WWE SummerSlam bid to ease fears over date clash

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Manny Pacquiao vs. Errol Spence Jr. remains on course to take place on August 21, as of now, despite the WWE announcing its major summer event on the same date.

Some raised doubts about staging both events on August 21st in Las Vegas, with many believing Pacquiao would look to switch his bout.

WBN understands this remains possible despite the WWE stating they would do all they can to avoid any time overlap with Premier Boxing Champions.

Pacquiao vs. Spence is not yet released to the media officially. Therefore, there is some scope for alteration on the side of the Pacquiao-Spence organizers.

But it can be done safely and amicably if the WWE end transmission of Summerslam as Pacquiao’s Pay Per View main event begins.

WWE made their date and venue confirmation on Friday when they said: “BREAKING NEWS: @SummerSlam will take place from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Saturday, August 21 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. It marks the first time the annual event gets held at an NFL stadium!”

Raised eyebrows came thick and fast as many fans heading to Nevada had hoped to attend both shows.

WWE has a long history of staging PPVs on a Sunday night, but that seems to be changing.

WWE SummerSlam


Starting at 8 pm EST, SummerSlam should be off the air by midnight, the exact time that Pacquiao vs. Spence would be due to kick-off.

Those wishing to rush to the nearest venue to witness the bout would undoubtedly be cutting it fine after staying on for the WWE main event.

PBC could hold off a few more minutes and confirm ring walks for midnight to give those spectators time to find a vantage point.

The timing of both events will be purely a TV one, though. So any fan who did want to be at both PPVs may have absolutely no chance of doing so logistically.

To even think about it, you’d have to attend SummerSlam and have a ticket for Pacquiao vs. Spence to watch the final fight. Even then, you’d more than likely miss the first couple of rounds.

Therefore, ring walks at midnight is the most sensible.

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