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Home » Fat Joe’s “spray-painted” beard steals the show at Floyd Mayweather fight

Fat Joe’s “spray-painted” beard steals the show at Floyd Mayweather fight

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Rapper and podcast host Fat Joe ended up being the most-talked-about happening at the Floyd Mayweather fight in Miami for an apparently “sprayed on” beard.

The 50-year-old was taking in events from close to ringside when fans took the opportunity to take a snap with the “Flow Joe” star.

Several posted their efforts on social media. But the photos only served to breed more questions than answers.

Eagle-eyed fans gave solid guesses about how the beard got applied by Joe, who became one of the talking points of fight night on social media.

Some thought spray paint. Others gave a Sharpie as the culprit. Airbrushed, implanted, and tattooed were among the others.

One even gave an out-of-the-box “etch-a-sketch” theory. But the comments came thick, fast, and they didn’t hold back.

“You cannot convince me fat joe’s beard isn’t drawn on.

“Fat Joe got the same beard implant at Floyd, I see.

“Fat joe out here with the tattooed beard.

Fat Joe beard

“Y’all really made Fat Joe waste his time spray painting his beard on for this fight.

“Fat Joe colored his beard in with a permanent marker that’s just about finished, lmao.

“Fat Joe really out here looking like his beard is airbrushed.

“Why Fat Joe’s beard looks like he dabbed it on with a sharpie point.

“Fat Joe is trending because he thought we, the people, wouldn’t take notice of his just about evenly applied beard spray.

“Fat Joe etch-a-sketch beard.”

Fat Joe


Posting the primary photograph was boxing man Ray Flores, whose followers were strong enough to hold back on any quips about the beard in question.

“Nothing can stop me. I’m all the way up. Great meeting Fat Joe who loves boxing,” said Ray, obviously a big Fat Joe fan.