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Home » Floyd Mayweather held to drab no-decision in “absolutely empty” stadium

Floyd Mayweather held to drab no-decision in “absolutely empty” stadium

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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather marked his return to the ring with a no-decision against a YouTuber who had no business being in the ring with him.

Despite winning the fight overall to anyone with two eyeballs, an agreement pre-fight was that no scoring would happen if they went the distance.

Hence, Mayweather didn’t officially get the win.

One obvious thing, though, was a lack of interest in the live gate. WBN’s Dan Rafael noted this as he watched the “action” unfold.

“One thing very noticeable is the stadium looks absolutely empty,” stated Rafael.

Mayweather fought to the distance over eight rounds in a special exhibition bout on Sunday night. Once again, the former boxing king headlined a SHOWTIME PPV, appearing this time from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

After the workout, Mayweather was philosophical about what took place.

“He was strong, tough, and better than I thought he was,” said Mayweather of the vlogger. “I was surprised by him tonight. That was some good little work.

“Even without much experience, he knew to use his weight to tie me up tonight. I had fun tonight. I thank all the fans who came out. You’re all unbelievable.”

Floyd Mayweather
Sean Michael Ham


After weeks of buildup, the star-studded event pitted superstars from two different worlds in a highly anticipated showdown for sports and entertainment fans around the globe.

Showtime’s description of the early action differed from what got witnessed, though. Like versus Conor McGregor on the same network, Mayweather hardly threw a punch for two rounds.

Showtime translated this as: “Mayweather displayed his typical patient and clinical boxing style, feeling out his opponent in the opening round.

“He allowed his opponent to come forward with a flurry of power shots late in the round that mainly got blocked. It excited the crowd nonetheless.

Mayweather began to find a spot to land numerous power shots to head and body as the fight wore on.

Despite sustaining punishment in the middle rounds, [the YouTuber] could use his over 30-pound weight advantage to tie Mayweather up frequently.

“He avoided being stopped or sent to the canvas.”


Despite the nature of the event, it was good to see Floyd Mayweather back in the ring, hopefully for the last time at 44.

However, if an offer does come from Showtime to face the YouTuber’s brother, who they just signed, you may well see the “Money” man don the gloves one more time this year.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.