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YouTuber respect? – Fight a contender, not Floyd Mayweather

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Another YouTuber takes to the ring this weekend in a money-making scheme signed in cahoots with five-weight world champion boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

Between him and his brother, they’ve lowered the tone of the sport. Now, anyone with a social media following big enough can don the gloves and share the most significant stage with the best.

In a clear slap in the face to any fighter who once dreamt of competing on Showtime Pay Per View and never making it, this kind of thing needs to stop.

Sadly, it’s part of our world now. But it doesn’t mean real boxing fans have to accept it. Just don’t buy into it.

If anyone who makes a living from playing computer games in their bedroom and videoing dead bodies wants to earn paychecks from pugilism, they have to be ready to take a real punch in the face.

Not taking on Floyd Mayweather, who’s 44 and a grandpa, will knowingly not want to take your head off your shoulders. Especially with a fifty-pound weight difference.

Mayweather is all about the cash. He’s the savviest businessman in the sport. “Money” will want another YouTuber down the line.

Floyd Mayweather Showtime

Therefore, Floyd will not go for the jugular immediately and give you a beating from which you cannot recover. That kind of battering gets reserved for anyone a YouTuber attempted to face in the rankings.

Pitting a YouTuber, say one of the siblings, against a proper cruiserweight or light-heavyweight contender in the future would certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons.

Taking their licks, even in defeat, but having the guts to do it would be immediate kudos to either. But strategically facing past-their-best MMA stars, basketball players, or gamers just doesn’t cut it at all.

MMA fighters who never secured that massive payday but have the chance to against a YouTuber – won’t even train for the fight half the time. That’s already proven.

YouTubers are the ones with the power. They can cherry-pick the worse out-of-shape name from UFC, just beat him up, and he’ll be grateful for the money.

It’s a cunning plan and one that so far has worked to a tee. Once one of the best names in boxing broadcasting, Showtime has risked its reputation by aligning with these clowns.

So, it’s in their best interest to push both brothers in the direction of real fights. Then, and only then, will either of them or the many that will surely follow them, get one iota of respect.

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