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Home » “Fishnet” Oscar De La Hoya accused of “being jealous” of ex-star Canelo

“Fishnet” Oscar De La Hoya accused of “being jealous” of ex-star Canelo

Oscar De La Hoya got it in the face following his decision to go after pound for pound number one Canelo Alvarez via a social media post.

Canelo merely gave a youngster some pointers in an innocent clip posted by Supreme Boxing, only for De La Hoya to wade in.

Unfathomably, De La Hoya found something to pinpoint. The returning former champion since faced accusations of jealousy.

De La Hoya’s words got a response from Canelo, though, before ex-Floyd Mayweather fighter Ishe Smith gave his input.

“Head up when he throws hooks. On his heels, flat-footed. What else? – Yes, he avoids Charlo,” said De La Hoya.

The Mexcian responded: “Oh really, you want me to talk? – F ing traitor! Do me a favor and go F yourself!”


Smith, never one to hold his tongue, gave a scathing review of De La Hoya’s actions.

“Oscar is so out of pocket,” pointed out Smith. “[The] Man was stealing from Canelo.

“He [Canelo] was the next coming of Christ when you promoted him. Now he’s scared of someone.

“Take pride in being a promoter and not done jealous b—-. And I’m not going to mention the drug and fishnet s—, obviously the man has issues.”

Oscar De La Hoya Canelo Alvarez insult

Furthermore, the former IBF super-welterweight champion continued: “There are some demons in that closet.

“Amazingly, he’s taking shots at arguably the best fighter in the world. But never gave Quartey a rematch, never gave [Sweet] Pea [Pernell Whitaker] a rematch.

“Host to [Felix] Sturm, quit against Hop [Bernard Hopkins] and ran against Tito [Trinidad]. Must I go on? Man has been jealous of that kid.”

Outlining his comments after questions came back to him, “Sugar Shay” concluded: “Just stating the facts.

“He s—-ing on the best fighter in the world on a post where a kid was getting advice from him.

“Canelo [and] De La Hoya, we can debate this, but I truly believe Nelo has had the better career.”

This beef is certainly not over.