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No, Floyd Mayweather won’t be going X-rated after joining OnlyFans

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World Boxing News received some surprising information this weekend with the news Floyd Mayweather has created an OnlyFans page.

OnlyFans is notorious for some of the most eye-popping adults-only viewing in the world. However, Mayweather won’t be stripping off to his birthday suit for content.

However, the website will join forces with Mayweather for his upcoming return to action on June 6th.

Revealing how their partnership will work, OnlyFans said: “The Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. and OnlyFans partnership includes exclusive content and a fight sponsorship.

“Launching an OnlyFans profile allows Floyd Mayweather to connect with his fans and share his personal life in a way like never before.

“Mayweather will be able to communicate directly with his biggest fans and share a real glimpse into his life.

“The launch comes right before his highly anticipated exhibition fight on Sunday, June 6. In addition to launching an OnlyFans profile, the social platform will sponsor Floyd Mayweather for the match.”

Mayweather was delighted to have secured yet another endorsement deal. He stated: “OnlyFans will be a new experience for fans.

“I’m looking forward to sharing a glimpse into my life and some never before seen content while getting to know my top fans.”

Floyd Mayweather


As an athlete with various interests, creating an OnlyFans profile is a natural fit for Mayweather, and he can share timely updates directly with followers who subscribe to his account.

OnlyFans founder and CEO Tim Stokely added: “Sports athletes are a creator genre we see a lot of growth in moving forward.

“It’s incredible to have Mayweather joining the platform right before his highly anticipated fight. I’m a huge fan of the boxing legend, and I’m looking forward to his content.”

Pretty late to the party, Floyd Mayweather is always ready to make another assault on a lucrative market when it comes to a channel behind a paywall.

Who can blame him?

Fans can anticipate seeing BTS of Mayweather’s personal life, boxing content, and more. Floyd Mayweather’s OnlyFans profile is here: