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Home » Floyd Mayweather is looking more like 50 Cent than Power’s Kanan Stark

Floyd Mayweather is looking more like 50 Cent than Power’s Kanan Stark

It’s no secret that Floyd Mayweather has undergone a mini transformation over the past few months, but the boxing legend seems to be styling himself on former friend 50 Cent.

“Money” turned up for fight week as he prepares for a boxing comeback exhibition donning a newly-formed beard, shaven hair, and shades “Fiddy” would be proud to wear.

Born Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent is famous for donning the same sunglasses during his time in the hit show “Power” on Starz.

Jackson starred as Kanan Stark, a New York drug dealer who tries to get his life back on track following release from prison.

The series ran for six seasons. It boasted two spin-offs, was produced by the successful rapper and actor who moonlights as a boxing enthusiast and would-be promoter.

50 Cent as Kanan Stark

Omari Hardwick and Joseph Sikora headed it as “Ghost” and “Tommy Egan,” two gangsters who open a club while running the city’s most extensive illegal organized crime operation.

Eventually, it got picked up by Netflix through word of mouth. The show subsequently became a massive hit.

It gave Jackson the credibility as a thespian he craved. However, it was all down to his sheer persistence.


One man not around to help him celebrate his success was long-time friend Mayweather. The pair have had several massive public fallouts over the year.

They used to be best buds back in the day as Mayweather enjoyed his most successful period through a six-fight Showtime deal. Then it all turned sour.

Since then, Jackson and Mayweather continue to give each other a wide berth. They are only posting the odd dig at each other on social media these days.

Nonetheless, Mayweather has a distinct look about him these days. Maybe it’s an homage to Fifty and a sign he wants to make amends?

“Power” is available now on NetFlix, alongside Power Book II: Ghost. Power Book III is forthcoming under the title “Raising Kanan.”