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Home » George Foreman offered Steven Seagal Las Vegas clash when pushing 70

George Foreman offered Steven Seagal Las Vegas clash when pushing 70

A social media re-post emerged this week when former heavyweight champion George Foreman offered action-hero Steven Seagal a Las Vegas fight.

Foreman, the oldest heavyweight champion of all time, wanted to pit his wits against the “Under Siege” star in a cross-codes battle.

Seagal, three years younger than the retired boxer and known for his love of martial arts, would have been able to deploy strikes of any nature had the bout come to fruition against a then 69-year-old Foreman.

Making his offer public, Foreman said: “Steven Seagal, I challenge you one-on-one. I use boxing. You can use whatever. Ten rounds in Las Vegas.”

“Big George” made the statement at a time when those kinds of bouts were only in their infancy. Putting the feelers out on a fight like that now, you’d probably get some streaming service somewhere clamoring to broadcast it.


Back in 2017, there was an age of innocence surrounding the whole concept. That was until Floyd Mayweather blew the roof off exhibitions with Conor McGregor.

Since then, there has been all manner of unfathomable clashes inside the ropes, none more so than Mayweather against taking on a YouTuber bereft of even the basic boxing skills.

Boxers vs. Hollywood stars? – Maybe George Foreman was on to something?