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Home » Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III: Top heavyweight fight of 2021 imminent

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III: Top heavyweight fight of 2021 imminent

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Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder stand on the cusp of an official announcement of their trilogy battle. The final part of an extraordinary heavyweight saga.

After weeks of debate over whether Fury could or could not bypass Wilder’s contracted opportunity, all sides are closing in on confirmation.

Fans can finally sit back knowing that a substantial 200-pound plus battle will be on the cards for summer, if not the one British fans wanted.

Much has hit the headlines about Wilder’s disbelief in losing the rematch so devastatingly. Co-manager Shelly Finkel says “The Bronze Bomber” is ready to put those negative thoughts to bed.

“He just couldn’t believe it,” Finkel told Sky Sports. “That was his anger, so he then spent time and said, ‘Look, let me just focus on getting him in the ring and focus on winning,’ and that’s what his mindset is – totally.

“He’s training harder for this fight. He’s been training since August, July, physically. Now he’s been training tactically. It’s eight weeks from tomorrow, the fight.

“There is no reason to talk because no matter what anyone says, most people aren’t going to believe it unless he proves it in the ring,” he added.

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On the back of Fury begrudgingly acknowledging Wilder had to be next at the expense of Anthony Joshua, his father John hit the roof.

John was entirely unhappy with how the deal went down and aired his grievances in a BT Sport interview.

Fury Sr. thinks some around him pushed Fury into signing the Wilder contract too quickly.

“It’s diabolical, isn’t it?” John told BT. “You’re geared up to fight one man. All of a sudden, on the 11th hour, it’s all sorted in 24 hours.

“He’s signing contracts in the hall of a boxing venue. They’re around him like locusts.

“I think to myself, ‘How can you think straight with all that around you?’

“For my money, it’s a mistake. It’s a mistake, but [Tyson] can blame his team, can’t he? No one else.”

“Anything rushed is no good, and that’s been rushed,” he added.


Whatever went down, we are now where we are. Fury and Wilder have a score to settle, and they will do so in Las Vegas on July 24.

Premier Boxing Champions, Top Rank, Bob Arum, and Frank Warren are on the same page. An unlike Fury vs. Joshua, this fight will get over the line.

Furthermore, expect something concrete over the next few days.

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