“Emotionally failed” champ’s alopecia returns as Pacquiao belt ruling looms

Yordenis Ugas has admitted he’s struggling to deal with Manny Pacquiao potentially regaining his WBA “super” welterweight title despite vowing to overcome any ruling.

As first reported by World Boxing News earlier this month, the WBA considered handing Pacquiao his belt back as “Champion in Recess.”

This is because the Filipino Senator agreed to fight the unified champion, Errol Spence, on August 21 in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao was controversially demoted as he chose to help his fellow countryman through the pandemic rather than defend his title.

They did this despite failing to order a fight between the veteran legend and Ugas. The Cuban was given the strap without having to battle the eight-weight ruler.

One of boxing’s good guys, Ugas, paraded the championship around as if he’d won the lottery, having faced online abuse from fans who didn’t consider him a champion with the “regular” strap in his possession.

Now, in a shocking twist, the WBA is ready to strip Ugas of the belt they gave to him in the first place. It’s a real kick in the teeth for Ugas.

Yordenis Ugas Manny Pacquiao
Ugas / MP8

So much so that Ugas is beating himself up mentally over the situation to the point where his alopecia has returned with a vengeance.

“Many things say the jealous and the losers. The only truth is that my coach and I have continued to work hard. My life and my career are not about a belt. I am super champ of the life,” said Ugas.

“I am in a great moment of my life. However, alopecia returned to my life [so] I remove all my hair. Emotionally I have failed again, but I haven’t stopped training for my fight.

“I’m grateful for my position. I’m a warrior, and this is another war that I will also win with the favor of God.

“Many had asked me. And I always wear glasses, but I have no complexes in my life. Easy. Everyone has their own war.

“I have always focused in my career on fighting hard against the toughest and most legitimate fighter available. You can never wait for a fighter to fight. Focus on making your story,” he added.


Making a fighter physically ill with their continuously bad decisions could be the last straw for many with the WBA.

WBN already declassified the sanctioning body as a significant force in the sport and no longer placed its champions on the website.

What next?

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.