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Why are so Many People Betting on Tyson Fury?

People in the boxing community are expecting the undisputed title fight between Tyson Fury and fellow Brit Anthony Joshua to take place at some stage this year. Die-hard boxing fans were left upset when plans for the heavyweight fight between the two was cancelled recently. Both fighters have many belts on the line, and they were hoping to fight each other in Suadi Arabia in mid-August. 

However, the fight was cancelled because boxing organizers stated that Fury had to fight Deontay Wilder first. Wilder and Fury fought each other twice already. They drew their first bout, which will go down as one of the best boxing fights in history, and Fury managed to get the better of Wilder in the second bout. The third fight is going to take place in Las Vega, on July 24th this year. 

Whether the “Gypsy King” fights Wilder, Joshua or anyone else for that matter, would you be crazy to bet against the man? There are lots of punters predicting Fury will lose the fight against Wilder, even after his dominant display in their last fight. Bookies and online casinos are placing Fury as the red hot favourite. Let’s take a look at one of boxing’s favourite professionals.

Why is he called the “Gypsy King”?

Fury is very proud of his name, the Gyspy King. Although Fury represents Britain while competing, he is an Irish traveller. Most people in the Irish Travelling Community are extremely proud, and boxing is in their blood. You can find Irish travellers living all over the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland. Many travellers start boxing at a very young age. Boxing has seen its fair share of Irish Travelers succeed in the sport. People like Billy Joe Saunders, who is a close friend of Tyson Fury, is one of many travellers that have made it onto the big stage.  

Irish and British travellers are also known as Gypsies. Although some travellers don’t like the term, Fury loves the title the Gyspy King. He, like many other travellers, is very proud of his heritage. Boxing has been part of the travelling community’s history for many years. Travellers would rarely refer issues inside the community to authorities, so they would often organize bare-knuckle boxing matches against one another to solve disputes. Fury’s father, John Fury was a well known bare-knuckle fighter in his day and is still involved with his son’s current training.

Will Fury Beat Joshua?

Boxing fans have been waiting for Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury to go into the ring for many years. Many felt the fight would never have taken place because both boxer’s managers refused to talk with each other. However, Daniel Kinahan, a controversial Irish man involved in the boxing industry is credited with organizing the super fight. If the fight does go ahead it will be one of the biggest bouts in boxing history.

Boxing legends Mike Tyson and George Foreman both predict the Irish Traveller will win the bout. Very few people in the sport think Joshua will beat Fury, but as we all know, anything can happen in the ring. Fury has pace, strength, and we all know he can take a punch. One of the most incredible scenes in boxing history was when Wilder knocked Fury out near the end of their first bout. Everyone in the packed stadium and everyone watching the fight at home thought the fight was over apart from Fury. He managed to get back up off the canvas and continued fighting as if nothing had happened. Joshua will know he will have to be at his best if he has a chance to beat Fury. 

Fury’s Mental Health Problems

Fury worked hard every day of his life to become a successful boxer. His ultimate goal was to become the heavyweight champion of the world. His dream finally came through when Fury shocked the world by beating Wladimir Klitschko for the title in 2015. Since that day Fury became a household name.

From the outside looking in, Fury was living the dream. He had more money than he could have ever imagined, sponsorships knocking on his door, the heavyweight champion of the world belt, a nice family, etc. However, after the fight Fury found little motivation to continue with his training program. He, like many other boxers, turned to drugs, booze and fast women. The party lifestyle took its toll on Fury both physically and mentally, which led to obesity and depression. After the world champion attempted to take his own life, he decided to look for some help. 

It’s not often people within the Irish Travelling Community ask for professional help, but Fury didn’t have any other options. He was put on suicide watch for a while, and he started a recovery program soon after. He managed to lose a lot of his weight he had gained and became more aware of his mental health problems. Nowadays, Fury is a fine advocate for others suffering from depression, anxiety and addiction. He loves social media and is often uploading videos and other content to help with those suffering. He, like most others in the Traveling Community, is a proud Catholic and thanks to God regularly for helping him get through the ordeal. 


If you are thinking about betting on Fury this year, there is lots of content online that will help you keep an eye on how his training is going. Fury is not a shy character, and he loves to communicate with his fans and the boxing world regularly. He uploads video clips to social media platforms like Instagram every day. Although it might appear in his videos that Fury is a bit of a joker, don’t be fooled, he takes his training and his diet extremely seriously. 

Although most people would love to see the Fury and Joshua fight take place instead of the Wilder fight, both fights against Wilder have proven very entertaining