Jose Ramirez manager says Josh Taylor threatened to beat him up in clash

Josh Taylor Rick Mirigian

Josh Taylor went face-to-face with forthcoming opponent Jose Ramirez’s manager during fight week and threatened to beat him up, according to Rick Mirigian.

Elie Seckbach captured a video of the incident at the time, but only of the ending. Judging by other clips, there was more than one altercation.

Shortly afterward, Mirigian explained what happened.

The clash came after back and forth on social media between the pair.

“Josh Taylor walks across the Casino not once but TWICE, gets in my face to tell me he is going to “F ME UP” over tweets between him and me,” said Mirigian.

“Aside from weighing as much as me, he ain’t focused and is shook, Ramírez stops him Saturday without question!”

The fighters themselves went head-to-head on Thursday before they both put titles on the line in a super-lightweight unification.

Speaking at the presser, the champions are ready to go to war.

“I believe a fighter like Taylor will bring out the best in me. He is a technical fighter, and when you face a fighter like that, you see everything clearly,” said Ramirez.

“You will see all the small things that I have worked on, and that will show the experience I have as a fighter. You will see all my skills, and I will put on a show against a great fighter.

“I’ve never been a fan of opinions of who is the best fighter out there. Sometimes people don’t understand that, especially at this level, each fight will be tough.

“I always train like I’m the underdog. But I always train like each fight is the biggest fight of my career. I can’t afford to lose.

“That’s always been my mentality. I always find a way to win.”


Taylor stated: “This fight means the world to me. Puts my name in the history books as one of the {best} Scottish fighters in history.

“That’s why I have trained so hard for this fight. I dedicated my whole life to the sport. I’m so confident. This is a pure boxing fight.

“I’m confident I’m getting the KO on Saturday.”

Mirigian believes Ramirez will stop Taylor in six rounds and has urged his followers to mark his words.