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Home » Eggington vs. Molina: Fight week quotes for middleweight clash

Eggington vs. Molina: Fight week quotes for middleweight clash

Sam Eggington and Carlos Molina came head-to-head today at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Coventry today ahead of their WBC Silver Middleweight Championship clash this Saturday night (22nd May) at the Coventry Skydome Arena, exclusively live and free on Channel 5.

Here are a few key quotes from the press conference:

“This fight’s big. People are recognising it on terrestrial TV, people are recognising me more often. The camps been great and we’ve worked hard. He’s a former World Champion and it can only make for an exciting fight,”

“This is a huge opportunity and I’m very focused on this fight and a plus to have my promotional company associated with this event and I’m just looking forward to it,”

“I’m just so competitive with myself and I always want to better myself and I feel like I wouldn’t take this fight or even be fighting if I didn’t feel like I could compete at that level and win. I feel like my best performance is still yet to come,”

“I’m confident with this win when we get this win we’ll see what comes up. At the moment were at middleweight and we enjoy it so we’ll see how it goes,”

“I’m close if not in my prime. I feel good in training, I’ve said it a few times I’m enjoying training and getting more out of it. So I’m in a good place,”

“We’ll get through Saturday and then on to bigger and better things,”

“The plan right now is to get the world title and I’m ranked in the WBC top ten at middleweight but right now I’m focused on this fight,”

“I feel like I’m going to set up a masterful boxing performance. I want to dominate from the beginning from the first round and if I see the KO I’m going to go for it, but the most important thing is I dominate from the beginning,”