Chance the Rapper causes havoc with Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder view

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Wilder vs Fury

Esther Lin

Chance the Rapper blew up the conversation regarding Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III this week with controversial comments on the trilogy.

The 28-year-old, who released “The Big Day” to acclaim in 2019, may have got a little deep in the boxing waters on Fury vs. Wilder.

A Deontay Wilder fan, Chance fired accusations against Fury while backing “The Bronze Bomber” to gain revenge this summer in Las Vegas.

Fans did not meet his views with the most appreciative responses. Many of whom seemed dumbfounded by his knowledge of the sport.

“I been said Fury cheated,” said Chance. “Now when Deontay knocks his a– out, I want y’all to be just as quiet as y’all was when BJS got his a– beat up.”

Going further, he pointed out what he believes were odd scores due to the fact Wilder had Fury on the canvas.

“The first fight, Deontay scored TWO knockdowns. Fury scored NONE, and they gave fury the draw,” he laughed unknowingly. “The second fight, it’s clear the gloves were flimsy.

“I just can’t wait for him to see Wilder again and get exposed,” he concluded.

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Mikey Williams

Rich Marotta of the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame gave an educational response from the hundreds posted on Chance’s timeline.

He said: “Sam Peter knocked Vladimir Klitschko down three times, and Klitschko was an easy winner on the cards.

Former world champion and a man who holds no bones about commenting on YouTube theories, Ishe Smith added his take.

“Sugar Shay” joked: “I really had to make sure this came from his real account. Unbelievable.


Smith then said the pair would end all arguments between the ropes once the third fight gets confirmed in the coming days.

“No matter what I think, what the “WilderCans,” think – the squared circle solves all beef and ends all assumptions.

“July 24th can’t come fast enough.”

The focus quickly switched from an undisputed unification between Fury and Anthony Joshua to the Wilder saga following an arbitration ruling.

Fury got just four months to battle Wilder again or pay the American a vast $20 million step-aside payment.

Both his promoter Bob Arum and Fury, rejected the idea and will now give Wilder his contracted opportunity before the deadline.

Whether Chance’s prediction will come true or not will only be settled on fight night. The Allegiant Stadium in Nevada is favored to host on July 24.