Deontay Wilder wins ruling, but Fury vs. Joshua event could be unaffected

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Just 24 hours after Tyson Fury stated his fight with Anthony Joshua was on for August 14 in Saudi Arabia, a judge ruled on an old matter with Deontay Wilder.

Following a year and change of mediation, team Wilder chose that date to make an official judgment public in favor of the American puncher.

Wilder won his case and learned he should get a shot at Fury’s WBC heavyweight championship no later than September 15th.

But that’s not the end of it regarding Fury. He fully expects to battle Joshua a month earlier in Jeddah.

World Boxing News Lead Contributor Dan Rafael reported on the case in the aftermath, updating on his Fight Freaks Unite platform.

“Arbitrator Daniel Weinstein is a retired federal judge with vast experience in boxing cases.

“He ruled in favor of former titlist Deontay Wilder in his action against Fury, forcing a third fight he believed he was owed under the terms of their deal for a rematch that took place on Feb. 22, 2020 according to multiple sources with knowledge of the ruling.

“Their rematch contract called for mediation in the event of a dispute followed by binding arbitration if mediation could not solve any issues.

“According to sources, rather than award Wilder monetary damages, Weinstein ruled that Fury must face Wilder by Sept. 15. However, his opinion did allow for the prospect of a date extension if both sides agree to it.

“If Fury and Wilder do agree to an extension — which would undoubtedly include a hefty seven-figure step-aside payment to Wilder-Fury would be allowed to face Joshua as planned.

“But it remains to be seen if Wilder will entertain a deal.”

Read Dan’s full article HERE.

Deontay Wilder Dillian Whyte
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Just yesterday, WBN wrote about the case expecting the ruling to come this week. It’s now down to all involved to work out where they go from here.

The possibility of Wilder being offered cash, plus a big purse to fight Dillian Whyte and then the winner of Fury vs. Joshua in 2022, was the resolution that seems most likely.

Whyte is the mandatory challenger for the WBC title. He wants his opportunity – as does promoter Eddie Hearn.

This kind of package could appease Wilder, provided it ends with him getting a shot at the undisputed championship.

Should Fury lose to Joshua, Hearn would have to agree Wilder would be next. Provided he defeats Whyte – potentially on a Pay Per View in England beforehand.

Although WBN understands that Fury vs. Joshua may be largely unaffected by this latest turn of events, giving lots to talk about on both sides.

What happens next?

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