Coach reacts to Billy Joe Saunders ‘Ben got the corner to pull it’ comments

Ben Davison Tyson Fury

Michelle Farsi

Ben Davison has reacted to a Billy Joe Saunders statement where the fighter said the former Tyson Fury trainer decided to pull him from the Canelo Alvarez fight.

Now coaching Josh Taylor, Davison responded to Saunders as he denied making the final actions after the eighth round.

Saunders suffered a triple bone break in his face after a lethal uppercut from the Mexican superstar in Dallas. He was unable to come out for the ninth round.

Initially thought to have been a collective decision, Saunders issued a social media post in which he outlined what he says happened.

“Thanks to everyone for the messages. [I have a] Broken eye socket and broken cheekbone in three places, [but the] operation yesterday all went well,” said the ex-WBO champion.

“You win some and lose some. I didn’t feel out of my League but got caught with a good shot and couldn’t see. Ben got the corner to pull it.

“Thank you all who watched. I’ll be back. God bless you all.”

Irked by the “Ben got the corner to pull it, part,” Davison fired back on Monday.

“Just to “clarify” a few things. BJS approached as soon as they made the fight, who came down to my gym to discuss and go over the fight, which Mark [Tibbs, head trainer] knows.

Billy Joe Saunders Canelo corner
Michelle Farsi

“I was then asked and approached to do some sessions with him when I landed in Vegas for josh Taylor’s fight.

“I was then also asked to assist in the corner on the night, which I obliged. To conclude the above, the fighter clearly values my input—[The fighter himself can confirm all of the above].

“In the corner, I was often asked for my input from Mark by way of “Ben? What do you think?” Or other similar things said, which is why at times, I was vocal.

“During the last interactions in the corner, in my opinion, the reason BJS put in his statement. To be clear was HIS statement, which came from HIM, Which HE says was the one who got the corner to pull the fight.

“This was because he feels there was hesitancy from Mark about stopping the fight which was shown when he said, “I’m giving you one more round.

Canelo Billy Joe Saunders eye
Ed Mulholland

“Which as a friend and as a coach wasn’t an option considering the extent of the injury. Of course, in the end, Mark waved it off. But before that, I felt that someone needed to get a grip of the situation (which is why I whispered in his ear), and from BJS’s statement, it seems HE feels that came from myself. (His words, not mine).

“There is no glory in who made the call or whatever nonsense this is all over. It was a loss. It’s extremely unprofessional the way this has been handled.

“I must be honest, and I expected this had the fight not gone to plan. However, I felt the occasion was bigger than a selfish decision not to be there for Billy Joe Saunders. So I decided to go, as asked.


“All of the above and anything in a previous interview. I’m sure it will be confirmed by the fighter, the cutman, and the fourth assistant in the corner.

“It shouldn’t come to this as it’s not about Mark or me, but I have been put in a situation where my professionalism was made questionable by an unprofessional social media post.

“Anybody that knows me knows that I pride myself on my professionalism and dedication. Therefore, clarity is needed.

“There are the details, and As I said, I’m sure the fighter will clear everything up in due course. I have Josh Taylor’s undisputed fight week coming up, and I have to be professional and focus on that.

“I just wanted to clear a few things up. Thank you,” pointed out Davison.

Billy Joe Saunders expects to be out for a prolonged period. Furthermore, judging by the recent interactions, The Hatfield man may seek a whole new team for any future comeback.