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Home » Christopher Lovejoy channels Deontay Wilder in defeat, blasts Don King

Christopher Lovejoy channels Deontay Wilder in defeat, blasts Don King

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American heavyweight Christopher Lovejoy channeled compatriot Deontay Wilder when stopped by Mahmoud Charr in Germany on Saturday night.

The 19-1 puncher, who called himself “The GOAT” despite not beating anyone with a pulse, jokingly stated his drink might have been spiked.

Wilder gave a similar excuse when losing to Tyson Fury in February 2020. “The Bronze Bomber” accused people in his team of tampering with his water.

Subsequently, Wilder fired his coach Mark Breland and has now hired Malik Scott as his replacement.

Lovejoy, who lost in two rounds to Champion in Recess Charr, was in a defiant mood after being stopped easily.

“Now that I think about it, someone may have put something in my drink,” laughed Lovejoy.

Lovejoy tweet

The 37-year-old then turned his attention to Don King, who had warned Lovejoy not to face Charr or he would be sued as a consequence.

King claimed Lovejoy was under contract with him even though the fighter stated that wasn’t the case.

Following a warning letter from the Hall of Famer promoter on Friday, Lovejoy responded in kind.

“Cease and Desist! Donald Duck! [Lovejoy’s nickname for King] – Where you at?

“I just cashed out 200 bands, man. But look, I got a job for you, though. Since you like sending letters, send one to Good Morning America and tell them I’m the most talked about heavyweight in America.

“I’m going to look out for you, homie. I got you.”

Gracious despite being hammered in two pathetic rounds during the Cologne bout, Lovejoy gave props to Charr.

“Shout out to The Diamond Boy! This dude came to fight.

“Last but not least, thank you for giving me the chance to change my life. All these other people just are talking. We don’t make it this far where I’m from.”

Having only one loss on his record, you’d be forgiven for thinking Lovejoy could come back to title level. But taking a closer look at his record, Lovejoy is already in journeyman territory.

None of his victories is anything to write home about, meaning gatekeeper status would even be a stretch for the self-professed “Greatest of All Time”.

Deontay Wilder KO

Stephanie Trapp


This scenario will be the only time in history that Lovejoy is ever compared to the former WBC heavyweight champion.

Unlike Lovejoy, Wilder has taken out decent opponents during his ring tenure.

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