“Fight and I’ll sue!” Don King warns “bankrupt, out of shape” heavyweight

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Don King is adamant “bankrupt” and “out of shape” heavyweight Christopher Lovejoy cannot go ahead with a planned fight on Saturday night.

The former Mike Tyson handler fired a last-minute warning to Lovejoy ahead of his clash with Mahmoud Charr in Cologne, Germany.

According to King, the boxer certainly has an exclusive promotional agreement with the Hall of Fame boxing promoter.

He’s confident enough that the promoters of the boxing card are failing to comply with the Cease & Desist letter they received several weeks ago.

According to media reports, Lovejoy has agreed to face the WBA champion in recess. King says the bout is unsanctioned.

“Lovejoy is out there popping off and feels that this fight is for the WBA championship,” said King in a statement.

“The WBA hasn’t sanctioned this illegal bout, and they certainly won’t do so. Trevor Bryan [King’s fighter] is the WBA champion.

“What fighter shows up in Germany without a trainer or cut man and is totally out of shape, weighing 306 pounds. Lovejoy lacks plain common sense.”

Christopher Lovejoy Heavyweight
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King added further that Lovejoy filed for bankruptcy in California before departing for Germany to try to stop action over his exclusive promotional agreement.

Charr’s promoter Errol Ceylan “is illegally promoting a fight involving a DKP promoted fighter with an exclusive contract,” they pointed out.

They also believe Ceylan is “knowingly and willingly, tortiously interfering with King’s agreement with Lovejoy.”


Concluding with what he intends to do next, King said: “Lovejoy and the German promoter are defying the law.

“We have served them, and justice will prevail. We will see who will be “quacking” when we get to court. The legal process will decide that everything is there in black and white.

“See you in court along with your German promoter! We’ll see who will be laughing last on Instagram.”

Charr and Lovejoy weighed in on Friday without a hitch. Before that ceremony took place, ECB Boxing assured WBN the fight would go ahead.

Fynn Schroeder exclusively told World Boxing News: “Yes, the fight is happening on Saturday in Cologne.

“Everything’s fine. Don King is not involved in the event.”

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