The myth of the self-professed heavyweight “GOAT” is over in two rounds

The biggest myth in heavyweight boxing was blown to pieces expectedly on Saturday night as Christopher Lovejoy lost in two painful rounds in Cologne.

Mahmoud Charr, proclaiming himself as “heavyweight Champion in Recess,” took Lovejoy out when trapping him in the corner.

Lovejoy, weighing seventy pounds more than his last outing in 2020, cowered and fell as he dropped to 19-1.

Winning all his fights in Mexico against nobody ranked in the top 200, “One Shot” had his tonight and was roundly found out.

Charr literally flipped after winning his first bout in years.

Charr Lovejoy Heavyweight

The myth that Don King created is over.


Before the bout, the Hall of Fame promoter had threatened to sue his own fighter probably because he knew what would happen if he fought Charr.

He said in a statement released on Friday: “Lovejoy is out there popping off and feels that this fight is for the WBA championship.

“The WBA hasn’t sanctioned this illegal bout, and they certainly won’t do so. Trevor Bryan [King’s fighter] is the WBA champion.

“What fighter shows up in Germany without a trainer or cut man and is totally out of shape, weighing 306 pounds. Lovejoy lacks plain common sense.

“Lovejoy and the German promoter are defying the law. “We have served them, and justice will prevail. We will see who will be “quacking” when we get to court.

“The legal process will decide that everything is there in black and white.

“See you in court along with your German promoter! We’ll see who will be laughing last on Instagram.”

Judging by what we saw, Don probably wanted Lovejoy to keep fighting tomato cans. Let’s see how that case goes down in court.

Labeling the bereft Lovejoy “bankrupt” and “out of shape,” it seems things just got a whole lot worse for the previously undefeated fighter.