Eddie Hearn targeted as UK fans rage over Tyson Fury vs. AJ greed

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Greed has been a touchy subject in the UK of late with the European Super League issue. That now seems to have spilled over into the boxing ring with Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua.

Promoter Eddie Hearn is the target of abuse from the vast majority of UK fans who have reacted to the news that the heavyweight fight is heading to Saudi Arabia.

Hearn attempted to cool the disappointment by announcing that he expects Brits to travel to the region by August. That hasn’t stopped a monumental torrent of rage, though.

One questioned: “Best boxers in the UK fighting on the world stage….in Saudi?”

Another said: “Biggest fight in British Boxing history, and they take it to Saudi Arabia! Thanks, Eddie Hearn. You could have had a proper British spectacle to give the country to cheer.”

A third added: “This just proves (not that we needed proof) that Eddie Hearn doesn’t give a s— about British fans. Two British boxers, and he takes the fight to Saudi because of money.”

Eddie Hearn
Mark Robinson

Finally, one of many others stated: “A kick in the teeth for every UK fan. How is this fight not in the UK?

“Shows for all Eddie Hearn’s gushing over how awesome 73k Mexicans were last weekend. He and others have denied us the opportunity.

“Can you imagine two Americans doing this? Absolutely not. Give back to the loyal fans!”

It’s doubtful that the Matchroom boss will be able to change his plans now. It’s been a long-running saga that was at one point on the verge of collapse.


Fans cannot only blame Hearn either. Fury and his team have wanted guarantees regarding the money from day one. This pressure is a big reason why Hearn turned to Saudi investors.

But that doesn’t detract from the fact Hearn and Team Fury could have put their heads together and give the UK economy a real boost following the pandemic.

Britain was one of the worst affected countries at the peak in spring 2020. This kind of event could have been a real boost as things open up again.

Charging fans an extra £100 to the lower-priced tickets, even more to the closer ones and cramming over 90,000 into Wembley, which the London Mayor Sadiq Khan even said publicly was possible, could have been exceptional.

With the fight being at home, Sky Sports Box Office and BT Sport could also have boosted the Pay Per View price to around £49.95 as a one-off spectacular and added a stellar undercard.

Sadly, most fans will likely be out of touch with the event being in Saudi Arabia and won’t pay much more than £29.95 for the privilege.

How it all pans out from here is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, Tyson Fury has signed the deal, and it finally gets announced soon.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.